The EPC Award Managers Award Series (EAMA) was devised by the European PSK Club on 5th May 2008. This was to sponsor a series of PSK awards for contacts with EPC award managers to highlight them on the air as thanks for the great job they are doing for our club. Any award in this series may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted or monitored EPC award managers on PSK modes. Credit will be given for contacts made on any of the amateur bands below 30 MHz. Contacts count on or after 10th June 2006 only with the call signs listed in the table below.

Official List of the EPC Award Managers
(Updated 2018-03-06)
4J9Y (4J9NM) Denis Denisov EPC # 21450
9A6T (9A6ZT) Zdravko Todorovski EPC # 20450
A61M (A61DJ) Obaid Ali Alshamsi EPC # 20612
A92AA Fawaz Sulaibeekh EPC # 21616
CT1BWU João Coelho EPC # 00317
CT1BYK Álvaro Victor Gomes EPC # 00471
CT3EE José Luís Pinto Camacho EPC # 00278
DK5UR Heinz Urban EPC # 00529
DK9MS Markus Schäfer EPC # 02350
DL9HK Henrik Klemm EPC # 01305
DM2RM (DL5SZB) Ronny Mang EPC # 13767
DO1IP Udo Sander EPC # 17081
DO1TNP Thorsten Nagel EPC # 20876
EA1CUI Juan Manuel Ponce Pascual EPC # 00465
G6BFP Lee Humphrey EPC # 07023
IK8OZV Vincenzo Mone EPC # 04872
IW8CGX Valerio Balestrieri EPC # 02221
IZ2PRI Mauri Corrado EPC # 12732
LU3CM Hector Mazzier EPC # 15406
M0YDK Alistair Morrell EPC # 08290
M6TET Tony EPC # 21029
OE6JFG Franz Scherr EPC # 01226
OK1WCF Martin Bohadlo EPC # 01667
OO9O (OO7SS) Marc Domen EPC # 15321
OS0S (ON4ZD) Léon Donner EPC # 03645
OZ1HPS Lars Henneberg EPC # 06742
PY1ME Marcos Lopes de Lima EPC # 07381
RC7LI Ilya R. Donchenko EPC # 23347
RV3SBS Serge V. Alushin EPC # 06397
SP9TPZ Piotr Staniek EPC # 04287
SV2HRS Nikolaos Georgiadis EPC # 01398
UA3LSX Yuri Aleksandrovich Zuev EPC # 04901
UA9CSR Valery V. Boyko EPC # 17983
UN8CC Alexandr Goncharov EPC # 02593
UR3LTD Andy Pomazov EPC # 07283
UR5WCA Valery P. Prodanov EPC # 04293
UT5FD Igor G. Keyer EPC # 06657
VE2KBS Dominique Duplessis EPC # 24235
YO5OO (YO6AJI) Jim Muntean Ioan EPC # 16789

There are 4 award levels available. EAMA Ant Award is issued for contacts with 25% of all the EPC Award Managers at the date of the application, EAMA Bee Award - for contacts with 50% of all the EPC Award Managers, EAMA Snail Award - for contacts with 75% of all the EPC Award Managers, and EAMA Hedgehog Award - for contacts with all the EPC Award Managers available at the date of the application. There is an exception for the award managers themselves. The required percentage for them is based on a "minus one call sign" basis, where this call sign is a call sign of the award manager himself.