UltimateAAC is software that allows easy applications of various awards. It is designed to make the application and issuing of awards in its simplest terms, making it achievable with even the minimalist knowledge of computers and software.

The software allows you to submit one (or more) of several formats of your exported Computer Logging Program, allowing its data to be checked against many Award programs held within the system.

To begin with you would simply export your log as an ADIF file. This is not necessary in certain software as many of the separate program file types are also acceptable. One example of this would be Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD). HRD logs are called .mdb files and these files would be acceptable without any modification. Many other logging software programs are also supported; check out the EPC-Member Center website for a full list of acceptable formats.

Once downloaded, the exported log can now be imported into UltimateAAC. This is done using the «Open Standard Logfile» header.

Once this is done the UltimateAAC programs checks the Data within the file against many different award programs and eventually produces the results for you to see on the site. At this point you can apply for any one of the awards you see listed by simply clicking «Save» and then by applying for them via the Manager for each particular award. Of course these can be in any Country of the World so allow a little time for the manager to contact you after he has checked the data. The data applications are self-generated by UltimateAAC and are sent to the appropriate Manager. This manager in turn will check the details and once verified, the award will be made available for you.

Looking on the EPC-Member Center website, check out «My Awards» again and you will see which Awards you are eligible to claim and/or the awards that you have already claimed.

UltimateAAC is easy, it is designed that way to allow you stress free application of the Awards that you are entitled. UltimateAAC is continually being developed so please continue to be a frequent visitor to the EPC-Member Center website in order to keep up to date with any changes and improvements made to the system.

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