How To

Download from here

  1. Unzip archive in ../Plugins Mixw (files StatsEUDxPsk.dll, Area.dat and
  2. For version MixW19 folder Plugins settles in root folders MixW.
  3. For version 2.20 and above you at installation will be by default:
    - for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
    - for Windows XP
      C: \Documents and Setting \ <User> \Application Data \MixW
  4. Run Mixw
  5. Menu View - Contest mode (Figure 1)
Figure 1
  1. Click Add new (Figure 2)
Figure 2
  1. Fill fields Name and etc as shown in figure then press the button with three points
    For non EU station field Autoinc select (Figure 3)
Figure 3
  1. Select EU PSK DX (C) and press button Select (Figure 4.)
Figure 4
  1. Click button «€¦» for select macro (Figure 5.)
Figure 5
  1. Select EUDXPSK-63 and click Select (Figure 6)
Figure 6
  1. Click button OK (Figure 7)
Figure 7
  1. Select EU PSK DX and click Select and Close (Figure 8)
Figure 8
  1. Select View->Statistic->Show contest statistic (Figure 9)
  2. Enjoy EU PSK DX Contest
  3. Create Cabrillo log. Click button "glasses" (Figure 9)
Figure 9
  1. Disable field Text , enable field Contest , select EU DX PSK and click button Display(Figure 10.)
Figure 10
  1. Select QSO for EU DX PSK and click Cabrillo (Figure 11)
Figure 11
  1. Fill the form (Figure 12.) and press OK
Figure 12
  1. After pressing OK will return to the previous window, press Close and will return in MixW
  2. The file <yours call>.cbr for version 2.19 will be in root folder MixW.
  3. For version 2.20 or above and you at installation will be by default
    - for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
      C:\Users\< User>\AppData\Roaming\MixW
    - for Windows XP
      C:\Documents and Setting\<User>\Application Data\MixW
  4. That will return to normal operating mode MixW - choose View-> Contest Mode
    and double click "No contest"

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