The Russian Ladies PSK Award Series (RLPA) was devised by the Russian Section of the European PSK Club on 18th January, 2009 and introduced to EPC award chasers on 11th December, 2010. RLPA award may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence in a form of ADIF log of having contacted (monitored) various amateur radio stations from the Russian Federation operated by ladies. Every chaser has to earn 88 points in total. Each contact with Russian YL station, member of the EPC is worth 8 points. Each contact with Russian YL station, non-EPC member is worth 2 points. Contacts with the same YL station are valid on different modes: B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63, and B(Q)PSK125. Please make sure that the COMMENT field in your ADIF log contains #YL code for each contacted personal YL station, or #CSYL code for each contacted club station with YL operator, # tag is required. This is a mandatory requirement to make able the manager's software to check your application correctly.