The European Capital Cities PSK Award Series (ECC) was devised by the European PSK Club (EPC) on 30th March 2009. This was to sponsor a series of PSK awards for contacts with amateur radio stations from various Capital Cities of the Sovereign States located in Europe. A sovereign state is a political association with effective internal and external sovereignty over a geographic area and population which is not dependent on, or subject to any other power or state. The 44 capital cities of Europe are listed below under the official English names.

European Capital Cities List
(Updated 13.09.2009)

Prefix Capital City Sovereign State Longitude Latitude EU Area
3A Monaco Principality of Monaco 43° 43′ N 07° 25′ E EC02
4O Podgorica Montenegro 42° 47′ N 19° 28′ E MN16
9A Zagreb Republic of Croatia 45° 48′ N 16° 00′ E CR21
9H1 Valletta Republic of Malta 35° 53′ N 14° 30′ E MT01
C3 Andorra la Vella Principality of Andorra 42° 30′ N 01° 31′ E EC03
CT Lisbon Portuguese Republic 38° 46′ N 09° 09′ W PT11
DL Berlin Federal Republic of Germany 52° 30′ N 13° 24′ E GM02
E7 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina 43° 50′ N 18° 21′ E BG05
EA4 Madrid Kingdom of Spain 40° 24′ N 03° 41′ W SN33
EI Dublin Republic of Ireland 53° 20′ N 06° 15′ W IR06
ER1 Chisinau Republic of Moldova 47° 00′ N 28° 52′ E MD03
ES1 Tallinn Republic of Estonia 59° 26′ N 24° 44′ E ES01
EU1 Minsk Republic of Belarus 53° 54′ N 27° 34′ E BR01
F Paris French Republic 48° 51′ N 02° 21′ E FR70
HA5 Budapest Republic of Hungary 47° 28′ N 19° 03′ E HG21
HB9 Bern Swiss Confederation 46° 57′ N 07° 27′ E SZ06
HB0 Vaduz Principality of Liechtenstein 47° 08′ N 09° 31′ E EC04
HV Vatican State of the Vatican City 41° 54′ N 12° 27′ E EC05
I0 Rome Italian Republic 41° 54′ N 12° 30′ E IT81
LA Oslo Kingdom of Norway 59° 56′ N 10° 41′ E NR11
LX Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 49° 36′ N 06° 07′ E LX03
LY Vilnius Republic of Lithuania 54° 41′ N 25° 17′ E LT10
LZ1 Sofia Republic of Bulgaria 42° 42′ N 23° 20′ E BU03
M London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 51° 30′ N 00° 07′ W EN24
OE1 Vienna Republic of Austria 48° 12′ N 16° 22′ E AU01
OH3 Helsinki Republic of Finland 60° 10′ N 24° 56′ E FL17
OK1 Prague Czech Republic 50° 05′ N 14° 25′ E CZ07
OM1 Bratislava Slovak Republic 48° 08′ N 17° 06′ E SK01
ON Brussels Kingdom of Belgium 50° 51′ N 04° 21′ E BE03
OZ Copenhagen Kingdom of Denmark 55° 40′ N 12° 34′ E DM06
PA Amsterdam Kingdom of the Netherlands 52° 22′ N 04° 53′ E NL08
S5 Ljubljana Republic of Slovenia 46° 03′ N 14° 30′ E SL07
SM0 Stockholm Kingdom of Sweden 59° 21′ N 18° 04′ E SW21
SP5 Warsaw Republic of Poland 52° 13′ N 21° 00′ E PL08
SV1 Athens Hellenic Republic 37° 58′ N 23° 43′ E GR02
T7 San Marino Most Serene Republic of San Marino 43° 56′ N 12° 27′ E EC06
TF3 Reykjavik Republic of Iceland 64° 08′ N 21° 56′ W IC03
UA3A Moscow Russian Federation 55° 45′ N 37° 37′ E ER11
UT5U Kiev Ukraine 50° 27′ N 30° 31′ E UR25
YL Riga Republic of Latvia 56° 56′ N 24° 06′ E LV25
YO3 Bucharest Romania 44° 25′ N 26° 06′ E RO05
YU1 Belgrade Republic of Serbia 44° 49′ N 20° 27′ E SE01
Z3 Skopje Republic of Macedonia 42° 00′ N 21° 26′ E EC08
ZA Tirana Republic of Albania 41° 19′ N 19° 48′ E AB11

ECC III, ECC II, and ECC I Awards may be claimed by any EPC member (either licensed radio amateur, club station, or DMS/SWL) eligible under these Rules who can produce evidence in a form of ADIF log of having contacted or monitored amateur radio stations from 20, 30, and 40 capital cities (listed above) respectively at the time of application on B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63, and B(Q)PSK125 modes. Credit will be given for contacts made on any of the amateur bands below 30 MHz. Each Capital City counts only once. Contacts are valid on or after 10th June 2006.

Please make sure that the «QTH» field in your ADIF log contains the contacted station's city. It must be a clear English name of the city as listed in the table above without any abbreviations or additions (Note: Chișinău City should be as «Chisinau» in your log, and Reykjaví­k City as «Reykjavik»). This is a mandatory requirement to make able the manager's software to check your application correctly.

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