The South American DX PSK Award Series (SADXA) is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the European PSK Club. It has been sponsored by Radioarena UK Ltd and devised by the European PSK Club on 5th June, 2016 for two-way PSK contacts with amateur radio stations from different territories of South America listed below.

SADXA 50, SADXA 100, SADXA 150, SADXA 200, SADXA 250, and SADXA 300 awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 current (different) territories respectively at the time of application. Contacts count with EPC members only, on or after 10th June 2006.

Compiled by MM0DFV ⦁ Updated 5th June, 2016
Co-operative Republic of Guyana CODE
8R Region of Barima-Waini GY.BW
8R Region of Cuyuni-Mazaruni GY.CM
8R Region of Demerara-Mahaica GY.DM
8R Region of East Berbice-Corentyne GY.EB
8R Region of Essequibo Islands-West Demerara GY.EI
8R Region of Mahaica-Berbice GY.MB
8R Region of Pomeroon-Supenaam GY.PO
8R Region of Potaro-Siparuni GY.PS
8R Region of Upper Demerara-Berbice GY.UD
8R Region of Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo GY.UT
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago CODE
9Y Borough Corporation of Arima TT.AR
9Y Borough Corporation of Chaguanas TT.CH
9Y Borough Corporation of Point Fortin TT.PF
9Y City Corporation of Port of Spain TT.PS
9Y City Corporation of San Fernando TT.SF
9Y Regional Corporation of Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo TT.CT
9Y Regional Corporation of Diego Martin TT.DM
9Y Regional Corporation of Penal-Debe TT.PD
9Y Regional Corporation of Princes Town TT.PT
9Y Regional Corporation of Rio Claro-Mayaro TT.RC
9Y Regional Corporation of San Juan-Laventille TT.SJ
9Y Regional Corporation of Sangre Grande TT.SG
9Y Regional Corporation of Siparia TT.SI
9Y Regional Corporation of Tunapuna-Piarco TT.TP
9Y Tobago House of Assembly (Island of Tobago) TT.TO
Republic of Chile (República de Chile) CODE
CE1 Province of Antofagasta (Provincia de Antofagasta) CL.AN
CE1 Province of Arica (Provincia de Arica) CL.AR
CE1 Province of Chaûaral (Provincia de Chaûaral) CL.CH
CE1 Province of Copiapó (Provincia de Copiapó) CL.CO
CE1 Province of El Loa (Provincia de El Loa) CL.EL
CE1 Province of Huasco (Provincia de Huasco) CL.HU
CE1 Province of Iquique (Provincia de Iquique) CL.IQ
CE1 Province of Parinacota (Provincia de Parinacota) CL.PA
CE1 Province of Tamarugal (Provincia del Tamarugal) CL.TA
CE1 Province of Tocopilla (Provincia de Tocopilla) CL.TO
CE2 Province of Choapa (Provincia de Choapa) CL.CP
CE2 Province of Elqui (Provincia de Elqui) CL.EQ
CE2 Province of Limarí (Provincia de Limarí) CL.LI
CE2 Province of Los Andes (Provincia de Los Andes) CL.LA
CE2 Province of Petorca (Provincia de Petorca) CL.PE
CE2 Province of Quillota (Provincia de Quillota) CL.QU
CE2 Province of San Antonio (Provincia de San Antonio) CL.SA
CE2 Province of San Felipe de Aconcagua (Provincia de San Felipe de Aconcagua) CL.SF
CE2 Province of Valparaíso (Provincia de Valparaíso) -  Excluding of the Commune of Juan Fernández (Comuna de Juan Fernández) CL.VA
CE3 Province of Chacabuco (Provincia de Chacabuco) CL.CB
CE3 Province of Cordillera (Provincia de Cordillera) CL.CR
CE3 Province of Maipo (Provincia de Maipo) CL.MA
CE3 Province of Melipilla (Provincia de Melipilla) CL.ME
CE3 Province of Santiago (Provincia de Santiago) CL.ST
CE3 Province of Talagante (Provincia de Talagante) CL.TL
CE4 Province of Cachapoal (Provincia de Cachapoal) CL.CA
CE4 Province of Cardenal Caro (Provincia de Cardenal Caro) CL.CD
CE4 Province of Cauquenes (Provincia de Cauquenes) CL.CU
CE4 Province of Colchagua (Provincia de Colchagua) CL.CL
CE4 Province of Curicó (Provincia de Curicó) CL.CC
CE4 Province of Linares (Provincia de Linares) CL.LN
CE4 Province of Talca (Provincia de Talca) CL.TC
CE5 Province of Arauco (Provincia de Arauco) CL.AU
CE5 Province of Biobío (Provincia de Biobío) CL.BI
CE5 Province of Concepción (Provincia de Concepción) CL.CN
CE5 Province of Ñuble (Provincia de Ñuble) CL.NU
CE6 Province of Cautín (Provincia de Cautín) CL.CT
CE6 Province of Malleco (Provincia de Malleco) CL.ML
CE6 Province of Osorno (Provincia de Osorno) CL.OS
CE6 Province of Ranco (Provincia del Ranco) CL.RA
CE6 Province of Valdivia (Provincia de Valdivia) CL.VL
CE7 Province of Aisén (Provincia de Aisén) CL.AI
CE7 Province of Capitán Prat (Provincia de Capitán Prat) CL.CI
CE7 Province of Chiloé (Provincia de Chiloé) CL.CE
CE7 Province of Coyhaique (Provincia de Coyhaique) CL.CY
CE7 Province of General Carrera (Provincia de General Carrera) CL.GC
CE7 Province of Llanquihue (Provincia de Llanquihue) CL.LL
CE7 Province of Palena (Provincia de Palena) CL.PL
CE8 Province of Magallanes (Provincia de Magallanes) CL.MG
CE8 Province of Tierra del Fuego (Provincia de Tierra del Fuego) CL.TF
CE8 Province of Última Esperanza (Provincia de Última Esperanza) CL.UE
CE9 Commune of Cabo de Hornos (Comuna de Cabo de Hornos) -  Including Diego Ramírez Islands (Islas Diego Ramírez) CL.HO
CE0 Province of Easter Island (Provincia de Isla de Pascua) -  Excluding of Island of Salas and Gómez (Isla Salas y Gómez) CL.EA
Extraordinary Territories of South America CODE
CE0X Desventuradas Islands (Islas Desventuradas) -  Administered by the Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile) CL.DE
CE0Y Island of Salas and Gómez (Isla Salas y Gómez) -  Administered by the Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile) CL.SG
CE0Z Juan Fernández Islands (Archipiélago Juan Fernández) -  Commune of Juan Fernández (Comuna de Juan Fernández) / Belongs to the Province of Valparaíso (Provincia de Valparaíso) CL.JF
Plurinational State of Bolivia (Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia / Bulibya Mamallaqta / Wuliwya Suyu / Tetã Volívia) CODE
CP1 Department of La Paz (Departamento de La Paz / Chuqiyapu Jachâ'a Suyu / Chuqiyapu Suyu) BO.LP
CP2 Department of Chuquisaca (Departamento de Chuquisaca / Chuqisaka Jachâ'a Suyu / Chuqichaka Suyu) BO.CH
CP3 Department of Oruro (Departamento de Oruro / Ururu Jachâ'a Suyu / Uru-Uru Suyu) BO.OR
CP4 Department of Potosí (Departamento de Potosí / Putusi Jachâ'a Suyu / Pâ'utuqsi Suyu) BO.PO
CP5 Department of Cochabamba (Departamento de Cochabamba / Quchapampa Jachâ'a Suyu / Quchapampa Suyu) BO.CO
CP6 Department of Santa Cruz (Departamento de Santa Cruz / Santa Krus Jachâ'a Suyu / Santa Krus Suyu) BO.SC
CP7 Department of Tarija (Departamento de Tarija / Tarixa Jachâ'a Suyu / Tarija Suyu) BO.TA
CP8 Department of Beni (Departamento del Beni / Wini Jachâ'a Suyu / Beni Suyu) BO.BE
CP9 Department of Pando (Departamento de Pando / Pandu Jachâ'a Suyu / Pando Suyu) BO.PA
Eastern Republic of Uruguay (República Oriental del Uruguay) CODE
CX-A Department of Montevideo (Departamento de Montevideo) UY.MO
CX-D Department of Canelones (Departamento de Canelones) UY.CA
CX-E Department of San José (Departamento de San José) UY.SJ
CX-F Department of Colonia (Departamento de Colonia) UY.CO
CX-G Department of Soriano (Departamento de Soriano) UY.SO
CX-H Department of Río Negro (Departamento de Río Negro) UY.RN
CX-I Department of Paysandú (Departamento de Paysandú) UY.PA
CX-J Department of Salto (Departamento de Salto) UY.SA
CX-K Department of Artigas (Departamento de Artigas) UY.AR
CX-L Department of Florida (Departamento de Florida) UY.FL
CX-M Department of Flores (Departamento de Flores) UY.FO
CX-N Department of Durazno (Departamento de Durazno) UY.DU
CX-O Department of Tacuarembó (Departamento de Tacuarembó) UY.TA
CX-P Department of Rivera (Departamento de Rivera) UY.RI
CX-R Department of Maldonado (Departamento de Maldonado) UY.MA
CX-S Department of Lavalleja (Departamento de Lavalleja) UY.LA
CX-T Department of Rocha (Departamento de Rocha) UY.RO
CX-U Department of Treinta y Tres (Departamento de Treinta y Tres) UY.TT
CX-V Department of Cerro Largo (Departamento de Cerro Largo) UY.CL
Department of Guiana (Département de la Guyane) - French Republic (République Française) CODE
FY Arrondissement of Cayenne (Arrondissement de Cayenne) GF.CA
FY Arrondissement of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (Arrondissement de Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni) GF.SL
Republic of Ecuador (República del Ecuador / Ikwatur Mamallakta) CODE
HC1 Province of Carchi (Provincia del Carchi / Karchi Marka) EC.CA
HC1 Province of Imbabura (Provincia de Imbabura / Impapura Marka) EC.IM
HC1 Province of Pichincha (Provincia de Pichincha / Pichincha Marka) EC.PI
HC1 Province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Provincia de Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas / Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Marka) EC.SD
HC2 Province of Guayas (Provincia del Guayas / Wayas Marka) EC.GU
HC2 Province of Los Ríos (Provincia de Los Ríos / Mayukuna Marka) EC.LR
HC2 Province of Santa Elena (Provincia de Santa Elena / Santa Elena Marka) EC.SE
HC3 Province of El Oro (Provincia de El Oro / Quri Marka) EC.EO
HC3 Province of Loja (Provincia de Loja / Loja Marka) EC.LO
HC3 Province of Zamora Chinchipe (Provincia de Zamora Chinchipe / Zamora Chinchipi Marka) EC.ZC
HC4 Province of Esmeraldas (Provincia de Esmeraldas / Esmeraldas Marka) EC.ES
HC4 Province of Manabí (Provincia de Manabí / Manawi Marka) EC.MA
HC5 Province of Azuay (Provincia del Azuay / Asway Marka) EC.AZ
HC5 Province of Caûar (Provincia del Caûar / Kaûar Marka) EC.CN
HC5 Province of Morona Santiago (Provincia de Morona Santiago / Morona Santiago Marka) EC.MS
HC6 Province of Bolívar (Provincia de Bolívar / Bolívar Marka) EC.BO
HC6 Province of Chimborazo (Provincia del Chimborazo / Chimpurasu Marka) EC.CH
HC6 Province of Cotopaxi (Provincia de Cotopaxi / Qutuphaqsi Marka) EC.CO
HC6 Province of Tungurahua (Provincia del Tungurahua / Tunqurawra Marka) EC.TU
HC7 Province of Napo (Provincia de Napo / Napu Marka) EC.NA
HC7 Province of Orellana (Provincia de Orellana / Orellana Marka) EC.OR
HC7 Province of Pastaza (Provincia del Pastaza / Pastasa Marka) EC.PA
HC7 Province of Sucumbíos (Provincia de Sucumbíos / Sukumpiyu Marka) EC.SU
HC8 Province of Galápagos (Provincia de Galápagos / Yawatisuyu Marka) EC.GA
Republic of Colombia (República de Colombia) CODE
HK1 Department of Atlántico (Departamento de Atlántico) CO.AT
HK1 Department of Bolívar (Departamento de Bolívar) CO.BL
HK1 Department of Córdoba (Departamento de Córdoba) CO.CO
HK1 Department of La Guajira (Departamento de La Guajira) CO.LG
HK1 Department of Sucre (Departamento de Sucre) CO.SU
HK2 Department of Cesar (Departamento de Cesar) CO.CE
HK2 Department of Magdalena (Departamento del Magdalena) CO.MA
HK2 Department of Norte de Santander(Departamento de Norte de Santander) CO.NS
HK3 Capital District (Bogotá) (Distrito Capital) CO.BO
HK3 Department of Cundinamarca (Departamento de Cundinamarca) CO.CU
HK3 Department of Guaviare (Departamento del Guaviare) CO.GU
HK3 Department of Meta (Departamento del Meta) CO.ME
HK4 Department of Antioquia (Departamento de Antioquia) CO.AN
HK4 Department of Chocó (Departamento del Chocó) CO.CH
HK5 Department of Cauca (Departamento del Cauca) -  Excluding of Malpelo Island (Isla de Malpelo) CO.CA
HK5 Department of Valle del Cauca (Departamento del Valle del Cauca) CO.VC
HK6 Department of Caldas (Departamento de Caldas) CO.CL
HK6 Department of Huila (Departamento del Huila) CO.HU
HK6 Department of Quindío (Departamento del Quindío) CO.QU
HK6 Department of Risaralda (Departamento de Risaralda) CO.RI
HK6 Department of Tolima (Departamento del Tolima) CO.TO
HK7 Department of Arauca (Departamento de Arauca) CO.AR
HK7 Department of Boyacá (Departamento de Boyacá) CO.BY
HK7 Department of Casanare (Departamento de Casanare) CO.CS
HK7 Department of Santander (Departamento de Santander) CO.SA
HK8 Department of Caquetá (Departamento del Caquetá) CO.CQ
HK8 Department of Nariûo (Departamento de Nariûo) CO.NA
HK8 Department of Putumayo (Departamento del Putumayo) CO.PU
HK9 Department of Amazonas (Departamento del Amazonas) CO.AM
HK9 Department of Guainía (Departamento del Guainía) CO.GA
HK9 Department of Vaupés (Departamento del Vaupés) CO.VA
HK9 Department of Vichada (Departamento del Vichada) CO.VI
Extraordinary Territories of South America CODE
HK0 Malpelo Island (Isla de Malpelo) -  Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary (Santuario de Fauna y Flora de Malpelo) CO.ML
Argentine Republic (República Argentina) CODE
LU-A Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) AR.CF
LU-D Province of Buenos Aires (Provincia de Buenos Aires) AR.BA
LU-F Province of Santa Fe (Provincia de Santa Fe) AR.SF
LU-G Province of Chaco (Provincia del Chaco) AR.CC
LU-G Province of Formosa (Provincia de Formosa) AR.FO
LU-H Province of Córdoba (Provincia de Córdoba) AR.CD
LU-I Province of Misiones (Provincia de Misiones) AR.MN
LU-J Province of Entre Ríos (Provincia de Entre Ríos) AR.ER
LU-K Province of Tucumán (Provincia de Tucumán) AR.TM
LU-L Province of Corrientes (Provincia de Corrientes) AR.CR
LU-M Province of Mendoza (Provincia de Mendoza) AR.MZ
LU-N Province of Santiago del Estero (Provincia de Santiago del Estero) AR.SE
LU-O Province of Salta (Provincia de Salta) AR.SA
LU-P Province of San Juan (Provincia de San Juan) AR.SJ
LU-Q Province of San Luis (Provincia de San Luis) AR.SL
LU-R Province of Catamarca (Provincia de Catamarca) AR.CT
LU-S Province of La Rioja (Provincia de La Rioja) AR.LR
LU-T Province of Jujuy (Provincia de Jujuy) AR.JY
LU-U Province of La Pampa (Provincia de La Pampa) AR.LP
LU-V Province of Río Negro (Provincia de Río Negro) AR.RN
LU-W Province of Chubut (Provincia del Chubut) AR.CH
LU-X Province of Santa Cruz (Provincia de Santa Cruz) AR.SC
LU-X Province of Tierra del Fuego (Provincia de Tierra del Fuego) -  Dapartment of Río Grande (Departamento de Río Grande) and Dapartment of Ushuaia (Departamento de Ushuaia) AR.TF
LU-Y Province of Neuquén (Provincia del Neuquén) AR.NQ
Republic of Peru (República del Perú) CODE
OA1 Region of Lambayeque (Región Lambayeque) PE.LA
OA1 Region of Piura (Región Piura) PE.PI
OA1 Region of Tumbes (Región Tumbes) PE.TU
OA2 Region of Cajamarca (Región Cajamarca) PE.CA
OA2 Region of La Libertad (Región La Libertad) PE.LL
OA3 Region of Ancash (Región Ancash) PE.AN
OA3 Region of Huánuco (Región Huánuco) PE.HU
OA4 Province of Lima (Provincia de Lima) PE.LI
OA4 Region of Callao (Región Callao) PE.CL
OA4 Region of Junín (Región Junín) PE.JU
OA4 Region of Lima (Región Lima) PE.LM
OA4 Region of Pasco (Región Pasco) PE.PA
OA5 Region of Apurímac (Región Apurímac) PE.AP
OA5 Region of Ayacucho (Región Ayacucho) PE.AY
OA5 Region of Huancavelica (Región Huancavelica) PE.HN
OA5 Region of Ica (Región Ica) PE.IC
OA6 Region of Arequipa (Región Arequipa) PE.AR
OA6 Region of Moquegua (Región Moquegua) PE.MO
OA6 Region of Tacna (Región Tacna) PE.TA
OA7 Region of Cusco (Región Cusco) PE.CU
OA7 Region of Madre de Dios (Región Madre de Dios) PE.MD
OA7 Region of Puno (Región Puno) PE.PU
OA8 Region of Loreto (Región Loreto) PE.LO
OA8 Region of Ucayali (Región Ucayali) PE.UC
OA9 Region of Amazonas (Región Amazonas) PE.AM
OA9 Region of San Martín (Región San Martín) PE.SM
ABC Islands (ABC-Eilanden / Islanan ABC) - Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden) CODE
P40 Aruba Island AW.DX
PJ2 Curaçao Island CW.DX
PJ4 Bonaire Island BQ.BO
Federative Republic of Brazil (República Federativa do Brasil) CODE
PP1 State of Espírito Santo (Estado do Espírito Santo) -  Excluding of the Trindade and Martin Vaz Archipelago (Arquipélago de Trindade e Martim Vaz) BR.ES
PP2 State of Goiás (Estado de Goiás) BR.GO
PP5 State of Santa Catarina (Estado de Santa Catarina) BR.SC
PP6 State of Sergipe (Estado de Sergipe) BR.SE
PP7 State of Alagoas (Estado de Alagoas) BR.AL
PP8 State of Amazonas (Estado do Amazonas) BR.AM
PQ2 State of Tocantins (Estado do Tocantins) BR.TO
PQ8 State of Amapá (Estado do Amapá) BR.AP
PR7 State of Paraíba (Estado da Paraíba) BR.PB
PR8 State of Maranhão (Estado do Maranhão) BR.MA
PS7 State of Rio Grande do Norte (Estado do Rio Grande do Norte) -  Excluding of Rocas Atoll (Atol das Rocas) BR.RN
PS8 State of Piauí (Estado do Piauí) BR.PI
PT2 Federal District (Brasília) (Distrito Federal) BR.DF
PT7 State of Ceará (Estado do Ceará) BR.CE
PT8 State of Acre (Estado do Acre) BR.AC
PT9 State of Mato Grosso do Sul (Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul) BR.MS
PV8 State of Roraima (Estado de Roraima) BR.RR
PW8 State of Rondônia (Estado de Rondônia) BR.RO
PY1 State of Rio de Janeiro (Estado do Rio de Janeiro) BR.RJ
PY2 State of São Paulo (Estado de São Paulo) BR.SP
PY3 State of Rio Grande do Sul (Estado do Rio Grande do Sul) BR.RS
PY4 State of Minas Gerais (Estado de Minas Gerais) BR.MG
PY5 State of Paraná (Estado do Paraná) BR.PR
PY6 State of Bahia (Estado da Bahia) -  Excluding of the Abrolhos Archipelago (Arquipélago de Abrolhos) BR.BA
PY7 State of Pernambuco (Estado de Pernambuco) -  Excluding of the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago (Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha) and the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo) BR.PE
PY8 State of Pará (Estado do Pará) BR.PA
PY9 State of Mato Grosso (Estado de Mato Grosso) BR.MT
Extraordinary Territories of South America CODE
PY0A Abrolhos Archipelago (Arquipélago de Abrolhos) -  Administered by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis) BR.AB
PY0F Fernando de Noronha Archipelago (Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha) -  Administered by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis) BR.FN
PY0M Martin Vaz Islands (Ilhas de Martim Vaz) -  Administered by the Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil) BR.MV
PY0R Rocas Atoll (Atol das Rocas) -  Administered by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis) BR.RA
PY0S Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago (Arquipélago de São Pedro e São Paulo) -  Administered by the Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil) BR.PP
PY0T Trindade Island (Ilha Trindade) -  Administered by the Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil) BR.TR
Republic of Suriname (Republiek Suriname) CODE
PZ1 District of Paramaribo (District Paramaribo) SR.PA
PZ1 District of Wanica (District Wanica) SR.WA
PZ2 District of Nickerie (District Nickerie) SR.NI
PZ3 District of Coronie (District Coronie) SR.CO
PZ4 District of Saramacca (District Saramacca) SR.SA
PZ6 District of Para (District Para) SR.PA
PZ7 District of Brokopondo (District Brokopondo) SR.BR
PZ8 District of Commewijne (District Commewijne) SR.CM
PZ9 District of Marowijne (District Marowijne) SR.MA
PZ0 District of Sipaliwini (District Sipaliwini) SR.SI
British Overseas Territories - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland CODE
VP8 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) FK.DX
VP8 South Georgia Island (Islas Georgias del Sur) GS.SG
VP8 South Sandwich Islands (Islas Sandwich del Sur) GD.SS
Extraordinary Territories of South America CODE
VP8 South Orkney Islands (Islas Orcadas del Sur) AQ.SO
VP8 South Shetland Islands (Islas Shetland del Sur) AQ.SS
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (República Bolivariana de Venezuela) CODE
YV1 State of Falcón (Estado Falcón) VE.FA
YV1 State of Trujillo (Estado Trujillo) VE.TR
YV1 State of Zulia (Estado Zulia) VE.ZU
YV2 State of Barinas (Estado Barinas) VE.BA
YV2 State of Mérida (Estado Mérida) VE.ME
YV2 State of Táchira (Estado Táchira) VE.TA
YV3 State of Lara (Estado Lara) VE.LA
YV3 State of Portuguesa (Estado Portuguesa) VE.PO
YV3 State of Yaracuy (Estado Yaracuy) VE.YA
YV4 State of Aragua (Estado Aragua) VE.AR
YV4 State of Carabobo (Estado Carabobo) VE.CB
YV4 State of Cojedes (Estado Cojedes) VE.CO
YV5 Capital District (Caracas) (Distrito Capital) VE.CA
YV5 State of Guárico (Estado Guárico) VE.GU
YV5 State of Miranda (Estado Miranda) VE.MI
YV5 State of Vargas (Estado Vargas) VE.VA
YV6 State of Anzoátegui (Estado Anzoátegui) VE.AN
YV6 State of Bolívar (Estado Bolívar) VE.BO
YV7 State of Nueva Esparta (Estado Nueva Esparta) VE.NE
YV7 State of Sucre (Estado Sucre) VE.SU
YV8 State of Delta Amacuro (Estado Delta Amacuro) VE.DA
YV8 State of Monagas (Estado Monagas) VE.MO
YV9 State of Amazonas (Estado Amazonas) VE.AM
YV9 State of Apure (Estado Apure) VE.AP
Federal Dependencies of Venezuela (Dependencias Federales de Venezuela) -  Excluding of Aves Island (Isla de Aves) CODE
YV0 Los Monjes Archipelago (Archipiélago Los Monjes) VE.MJ
YV0 La Tortuga Island (Isla La Tortuga) VE.TO
YV0 La Sola Island (Isla La Sola) VE.SO
YV0 Los Testigos Islands (Islas Los Testigos) VE.TE
YV0 Los Frailes Islands (Islas los Frailes) VE.FR
YV0 Patos Island (Isla de Patos) VE.PA
YV0 Los Roques Archipelago (Archipiélago Los Roques) VE.RO
YV0 Blanquilla Island (Isla La Blanquilla) VE.BL
YV0 Los Hermanos Archipelago (Archipiélago Los Hermanos) VE.HE
YV0 Orchila Island (Isla La Orchila) VE.OR
YV0 Las Aves Archipelago (Archipiélago Las Aves) VE.AV
Republic of Paraguay (República del Paraguay / Tetã Paraguáipe) CODE
ZP1 Department of Boquerón (Departamento de Boquerón / Tetãvore Boquerón) PY.BO
ZP2 Department of Alto Paraguay (Departamento de Alto Paraguay / Tetãvore Alto Paraguái) PY.AP
ZP2 Department of Presidente Hayes (Departamento de Presidente Hayes / Tetãvore Presidente Hayes) PY.PH
ZP3 Department of Amambay (Departamento de Amambay / Tetãvore Amambái) PY.AM
ZP3 Department of Concepción (Departamento de Concepción / Tetãvore Concepción) PY.CO
ZP4 Department of Canindeyú (Departamento de Canindeyú / Tetãvore Kanindeju) PY.CA
ZP4 Department of San Pedro (Departamento de San Pedro / Tetãvore San Pedro) PY.SP
ZP5 Capital District (Asunción) (Distrito Capital) PY.AS
ZP6 Central Department (Departamento Central / Tetãvore Central) PY.CD
ZP6 Department of Cordillera (Departamento de Cordillera / Tetãvore Cordillera) PY.CR
ZP6 Department of Paraguarí (Departamento de Paraguarí / Tetãvore Paraguari) PY.PA
ZP7 Department of Caaguazú (Departamento de Caaguazú / Tetãvore Kaâ'aguasu) PY.CG
ZP7 Department of Caazapá (Departamento de Caazapá / Tetãvore Kaâ'asapa) PY.CZ
ZP7 Department of Guairá (Departamento de Guairá / Tetãvore Guaira) PY.GU
ZP8 Department of Misiones (Departamento de Misiones / Tetãvore Misiones) PY.MI
ZP8 Department of Ñeembucú (Departamento de Ñeembucú / Tetãvore Ñeâ'ẽmbuku) PY.NE
ZP9 Department of Alto Paraná (Departamento de Alto Paraná / Tetãvore Alto Parana) PY.AL
ZP9 Department of Itapúa (Departamento de Itapúa / Tetãvore Itapúa) PY.IT

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