The Odessa Sister Cities PSK Award Series (OSCA) was devised by the Odessa Section (Ukraine) of the European PSK Club (EPC) on 6th April 2009. This was to sponsor a series of PSK awards for contacts with amateur radio stations from various Odessa Sister Cities (Twin Towns) throughout the World including Odessa City itself. Sister cities, also known as town twinning, is an agreement between towns, cities and even counties in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties. Odessa City and its 26 sister cities are listed below under their official English names.

Odessa Sister Cities List
(Updated 22.09.2009)


City Name

Sovereign State

Longitude Latitude EU Area
4Z Haifa State of Israel 32° 49′ N 34° 59′ E N/A
5B4 Nicosia Republic of Cyprus 35° 10′ N 33° 22′ E N/A
9A Split Republic of Croatia 43° 30′ N 16° 26′ E CR15
BY4 Qingdao People's Republic of China 36° 05′ N 120° 20′ E N/A
DL Regensburg Federal Republic of Germany 49° 01′ N 12° 05′ E GM30
EA5 Valencia Kingdom of Spain 39° 28′ N 00° 22′ W SN39
EK6 Yerevan Republic of Armenia 40° 11′ N 44° 31′ E N/A
ER1 Chișinău1 Republic of Moldova 47° 00′ N 28° 52′ E MD03
F Marseille French Republic 43° 18′ N 05° 22′ E FR13
HA8 Szeged Republic of Hungary 46° 15′ N 20° 08′ E HG34
I1 Genoa Italian Republic 44° 24′ N 08° 55′ E IT05
JA1 Yokohama Japan 35° 27′ N 139° 38′ E N/A
K3 Baltimore United States of America 39° 17′ N 76° 37′ W N/A
LZ2 Varna Republic of Bulgaria 43° 13′ N 27° 55′ E BU25
M Liverpool United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 53° 24′ N 03° 00′ W EN39
OH8 Oulu Republic of Finland 65° 01′ N 25° 28′ E FL14
OD5 Sidon Republic of Lebanon 33° 33′ N 35° 24′ E N/A
SP2 Gdańsk2 Republic of Poland 54° 22′ N 18° 38′ E PL03
SP7 Łódź3 Republic of Poland 51° 47′ N 19° 28′ E PL11
SU1 Alexandria Arab Republic of Egypt 30° 02′ N 31° 13′ E N/A
SV1 Piraeus Hellenic Republic 37° 57′ N 23° 38′ E GR02
TA1 Istanbul6 Republic of Turkey 41° 01′ N 28° 58′ E ET03
UR5F Odessa Ukraine 46° 28′ N 30° 44′ E UR11
VE7 Vancouver Canada 49° 15′ N 123° 06′ W N/A
VU2 Kolkata Republic of India 22° 34′ N 88° 22′ E N/A
YO4 Constanța4 Romania 44° 10′ N 28° 38′ E RO08
YO4 Galați 5 Romania 45° 25′ N 28° 02′ E RO09


1 «Chișinău» should be as «Chisinau» in the ADIF log.
2 « Gdańsk» should be as «Gdansk» in the ADIF log.
3 «Łódź» should be as «Lodz» in the ADIF log.
4 «Constanța» should be as «Constanta» in the ADIF log.
5 «Galați» should be as «Galati» in the ADIF log.
6 Indicated «ET03» EU Area is only for the European part of Istanbul City.

OSCA 15, OSCA 20, and OSCA 25 awards may be claimed by any EPC member (either licensed radio amateur, club station, or DMS/SWL) eligible under EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence in a form of ADIF log of having contacted or monitored amateur radio stations from 15, 20, and 25 cities (listed above) respectively at the time of application on B(Q)PSK31, B(Q)PSK63, and B(Q)PSK125 modes. Credit will be given for contacts made on any of the amateur bands below 30 MHz. Each city counts only once. Contacts are valid on or after 10th June 2006.
Please make sure that the «QTH» field in your ADIF log contains the contacted station's city. It must be a clear English name of the city as listed in the table above without any abbreviations or additions. This is a mandatory requirement to make able the manager's software to check your application correctly.

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