The Canada - Saskatchewan PSK Award (CASKA) is dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the European PSK Club. It has been sponsored by Radioarena UK Ltd and devised by the European PSK Club on 26th May, 2016 for two-way PSK contacts with amateur radio stations from different municipalities of Saskatchewan. Of Saskatchewan's 782 municipalities, 462 of them are urban municipalities (16 cities, 146 towns, 160 villages and 40 resort villages), 296 are rural municipalities and 24 are northern municipalities (2 northern towns, 11 northern villages and 11 northern hamlets) as per 26th May, 2016. Contacted stations don't need to be members of the European PSK Club. This award series has no time or date restrictions.

CASKA 100, CASKA 200, CASKA 300, CASKA 400, CASKA 500, CASKA 600 and CASKA 700 awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 current (different) municipalities of Saskatchewan respectively at the time of application.

Please make sure that the «CNTY» field in your ADIF log contains correct municipality name - exactly as given in the column «Name» in the table below. Or add the AreaCode in format "#AREA CA.SK.XXX" to your commment field.

List of Saskatchewan's Municipalities
Updated: 17.08.2016
Urban Municipalities
NameStatusRural municipalityAreaCode
EstevanCityEstevan No. 5CA.SK.ESV
Flin FlonCity€”CA.SK.FLI
HumboldtCityHumboldt No. 370CA.SK.HUM
LloydminsterCityBritannia No. 502CA.SK.LLO
MartensvilleCityCorman Park No. 344CA.SK.MAV
Meadow LakeCityMeadow Lake No. 588CA.SK.MLA
MelfortCityStar City No. 428CA.SK.MEF
MelvilleCityCana No. 214CA.SK.MEV
Moose JawCityMoose Jaw No. 161CA.SK.MOJ
North BattlefordCityNorth Battleford No. 437CA.SK.NOB
Prince AlbertCityPrince Albert No. 461CA.SK.PRA
ReginaCitySherwood No. 159CA.SK.REG
SaskatoonCityCorman Park No. 344CA.SK.SAS
Swift CurrentCitySwift Current No. 137CA.SK.SWI
WarmanCityCorman Park No. 344CA.SK.WAM
WeyburnCityWeyburn No. 67CA.SK.WEY
YorktonCityOrkney No. 244CA.SK.YOR
AberdeenTownAberdeen No. 373CA.SK.ABE
AlamedaTownMoose Creek No. 33CA.SK.ALA
AllanTownBayne No. 371CA.SK.ALL
ArborfieldTownArborfield No. 456CA.SK.ARB
ArcolaTownBrock No. 64CA.SK.ARC
AsquithTownVanscoy No. 345CA.SK.ASQ
AssiniboiaTownLake of the Rivers No. 72CA.SK.ASS
BalcarresTownAbernethy No. 186CA.SK.BAL
BalgonieTownEdenwold No. 158CA.SK.BAG
BattlefordTownBattle River No. 438CA.SK.BAT
BengoughTownBengough No. 40CA.SK.BEN
BienfaitTownCoalfields No. 4CA.SK.BIE
Big RiverTownBig River No. 555CA.SK.BIR
BiggarTownBiggar No. 347CA.SK.BIG
Birch HillsTownBirch Hills No. 460CA.SK.BIH
Blaine LakeTownBlaine Lake No. 434CA.SK.BLL
BredenburyTownSaltcoats No. 213CA.SK.BRE
BroadviewTownElcapo No. 154CA.SK.BRV
BrunoTownBayne No. 371CA.SK.BRU
BurstallTownDeer Forks No. 232CA.SK.BUR
CabriTownRiverside No. 168CA.SK.CAB
CanoraTownGood Lake No. 274CA.SK.CAO
CarlyleTownAntler No. 61CA.SK.CAR
CarnduffTownMount Pleasant No. 2CA.SK.CAU
Carrot RiverTownMoose Range No. 486CA.SK.CRI
Central ButteTownEnfield No. 194CA.SK.CBU
ChoicelandTownTorch River No. 488CA.SK.CHO
ChurchbridgeTownChurchbridge No. 211CA.SK.CHU
ColonsayTownColonsay No. 342CA.SK.COL
CoronachTownHart Butte No. 11CA.SK.COR
CraikTownCraik No. 222CA.SK.CRA
CudworthTownHoodoo No. 401CA.SK.CUD
CuparTownCupar No. 218CA.SK.CUP
Cut KnifeTownCut Knife No. 439CA.SK.CUT
DalmenyTownCorman Park No. 344CA.SK.DAL
DavidsonTownArm River No. 252CA.SK.DAV
DelisleTownVanscoy No. 345CA.SK.DEL
Duck LakeTownDuck Lake No. 463CA.SK.DUC
DundurnTownDundurn No. 314CA.SK.DUN
EastendTownWhite Valley No. 49CA.SK.EAS
EatoniaTownChesterfield No. 261CA.SK.EAT
ElroseTownMonet No. 257CA.SK.ELR
EsterhazyTownFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.EST
EstonTownSnipe Lake No. 259CA.SK.ESO
FlemingTownMoosomin No. 121CA.SK.FLE
Foam LakeTownFoam Lake No. 276CA.SK.FOA
Fort Qu'AppelleTownNorth Qu'Appelle No. 187CA.SK.FQA
FrancisTownFrancis No. 127CA.SK.FRA
GovanTownLast Mountain Valley No. 250CA.SK.GOV
GravelbourgTownGravelbourg No. 104CA.SK.GRA
GrenfellTownElcapo No. 154CA.SK.GRF
Gull LakeTownGull Lake No. 139CA.SK.GUL
HaffordTownRedberry No. 435CA.SK.HAF
HagueTownRosthern No. 403CA.SK.HAG
HanleyTownRosedale No. 283CA.SK.HAN
HepburnTownLaird No. 404CA.SK.HEP
HerbertTownMorse No. 165CA.SK.HER
Hudson BayTownHudson Bay No. 394CA.SK.HUD
ImperialTownBig Arm No. 251CA.SK.IMP
Indian HeadTownIndian Head No. 156CA.SK.IND
ItunaTownItuna Bon Accord No. 246CA.SK.ITU
KamsackTownCote No. 271CA.SK.KAM
KelvingtonTownKelvington No. 366CA.SK.KEV
KerrobertTownProgress No. 351CA.SK.KER
KindersleyTownKindersley No. 290CA.SK.KIN
KinistinoTownKinistino No. 459CA.SK.KIO
KiplingTownKingsley No. 124CA.SK.KIP
KyleTownLacadena No. 228CA.SK.KYL
LaflecheTownWood River No. 74CA.SK.LAF
LampmanTownBrowning No. 34CA.SK.LAM
LangenburgTownLangenburg No. 181CA.SK.LAB
LanghamTownCorman Park No. 344CA.SK.LAH
LaniganTownUsborne No. 310CA.SK.LAN
LashburnTownManitou Lake No. 442CA.SK.LAS
LeaderTownHappyland No. 231CA.SK.LEA
LembergTownAbernethy No. 186CA.SK.LEM
LeroyTownLeroy No. 339CA.SK.LEY
LumsdenTownLumsden No. 189CA.SK.LUM
LuselandTownProgress No. 351CA.SK.LUS
MacklinTownEye Hill No. 382CA.SK.MAC
MaidstoneTownEldon No. 471CA.SK.MAI
Maple CreekTownMaple Creek No. 111CA.SK.MAP
MarshallTownWilton No. 472CA.SK.MAH
MidaleTownCymri No. 36CA.SK.MIA
MilestoneTownBrock No. 64CA.SK.MIO
MoosominTownMoosomin No. 121CA.SK.MOO
MorseTownMorse No. 165CA.SK.MOR
MossbankTownLake Johnston No. 102CA.SK.MOS
NaicamTownPleasantdale No. 398CA.SK.NAI
NipawinTownNipawin No. 487CA.SK.NIP
NokomisTownWreford No. 280CA.SK.NOK
NorquayTownClayton No. 333CA.SK.NOQ
OgemaTownKey West No. 70CA.SK.OGE
OslerTown )Corman Park No. 344CA.SK.OSL
OutlookTownRudy No. 284CA.SK.OUT
OxbowTownEnniskillen No. 3CA.SK.OXB
PenseTownPense No. 160CA.SK.PES
Pilot ButteTownMcLeod No. 185CA.SK.PIB
PonteixTownGrassy Creek No. 78CA.SK.PON
Porcupine PlainTownPorcupine No. 395CA.SK.POR
PreecevilleTownPreeceville No. 334CA.SK.PRV
Qu'AppelleTownSouth Qu'Appelle No. 157CA.SK.QAP
RadissonTownGreat Bend No. 405CA.SK.RAD
RadvilleTownLaurier No. 38CA.SK.RAV
RaymoreTownMoose Range No. 486CA.SK.RAY
RedversTownAntler No. 61CA.SK.RED
Regina BeachTownLumsden No. 189CA.SK.REB
RocanvilleTownRocanville No. 151CA.SK.ROV
RockglenTownPoplar Valley No. 12CA.SK.ROC
Rose ValleyTownPonass Lake No. 367CA.SK.RVA
RosetownTownSt. Andrews No. 287CA.SK.ROT
RosthernTownRosthern No. 403CA.SK.ROS
RouleauTownRedburn No. 130CA.SK.ROU
SaltcoatsTownSaltcoats No. 213CA.SK.SAL
ScottTownTramping Lake No. 380CA.SK.SCO
ShaunavonTownGrassy Creek No. 78CA.SK.SHV
ShellbrookTownShellbrook No. 493CA.SK.SHB
SintalutaTownIndian Head No. 156CA.SK.SIN
SoutheyTownCupar No. 218CA.SK.SOU
SpiritwoodTownSpiritwood No. 496CA.SK.SPI
SpringsideTownSt. Philips No. 301CA.SK.SPR
St. BrieuxTownLake Lenore No. 399CA.SK.STX
St. WalburgTownFrenchman Butte No. 501CA.SK.STW
Star CityTownStar City No. 428CA.SK.STA
StoughtonTownTecumseh No. 65CA.SK.STN
StrasbourgTownMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.STR
SturgisTownPreeceville No. 334CA.SK.STU
TisdaleTownTisdale No. 427CA.SK.TIS
TurtlefordTownMervin No. 499CA.SK.TUR
UnityTownRound Valley No. 410CA.SK.UNI
VondaTownGrant No. 372CA.SK.VON
WadenaTownLakeview No. 337CA.SK.WAD
WakawTownFish Creek No. 402CA.SK.WAK
WaldheimTownLaird No. 404CA.SK.WAH
WapellaTownMartin No. 122CA.SK.WAP
WatrousTownMorris No. 312CA.SK.WAU
WatsonTownLakeside No. 338CA.SK.WAT
WawotaTownWawken No. 93CA.SK.WAW
White CityTownEdenwold No. 158CA.SK.WHC
WhitewoodTownWillowdale No. 153CA.SK.WHI
WilkieTownTramping Lake No. 380CA.SK.WIK
Willow BunchTownWillow Bunch No. 42CA.SK.WIB
WolseleyTownWolseley No. 155CA.SK.WOL
WynyardTownBig Quill No. 308CA.SK.WYN
Yellow GrassTownScott No. 98CA.SK.YEL
ZealandiaTownSt. Andrews No. 287CA.SK.ZEA
AbbeyVillageMiry Creek No. 229CA.SK.ABB
AbernethyVillageAbernethy No. 186CA.SK.ABM
AlbertvilleVillageWise Creek No. 77CA.SK.ABV
AlidaVillageReciprocity No. 32CA.SK.ALI
AlvenaVillageFish Creek No. 402CA.SK.ALV
AnnaheimVillageSt. Peter No. 369CA.SK.ANN
ArcherwillVillageBarrier Valley No. 397CA.SK.ARW
ArranVillageLivingston No. 331CA.SK.ARR
AtwaterVillageFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.ATW
AvonleaVillageElmsthorpe No. 100CA.SK.AVO
AylesburyVillageCraik No. 222CA.SK.AYN
AylshamVillageNipawin No. 487CA.SK.AYL
BangorVillageFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.BAN
BeattyVillageFlett's Springs No. 429CA.SK.BEA
BeechyVillageVictory No. 226CA.SK.BEE
Belle PlaineVillagePense No. 160CA.SK.BEL
BethuneVillageDufferin No. 190CA.SK.BET
BjorkdaleVillageBjorkdale No. 426CA.SK.BJO
BladworthVillageMcCraney No. 282CA.SK.BLA
BordenVillageGreat Bend No. 405CA.SK.BOR
BrackenVillageLone Tree No. 18CA.SK.BRA
BradwellVillageBlucher No. 343CA.SK.BRW
BriercrestVillageRedburn No. 130CA.SK.BRI
BrockVillageKindersley No. 290CA.SK.BRO
BroderickVillageRudy No. 284CA.SK.BRD
BrownleeVillageEyebrow No. 193CA.SK.BRL
BuchananVillageBuchanan No. 304CA.SK.BUC
Buena VistaVillageLumsden No. 189CA.SK.BUE
BulyeaVillageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.BUL
CadillacVillageWise Creek No. 77CA.SK.CAD
CalderVillageCalder No. 241CA.SK.CAL
CanwoodVillageCanwood No. 494CA.SK.CAW
CarievaleVillageArgyle No. 1CA.SK.CAV
CarmichaelVillageCarmichael No. 109CA.SK.CAM
CaronportVillageCaron No. 162CA.SK.CAP
CeylonVillageThe Gap No. 39CA.SK.CEY
ChamberlainVillageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.CHA
ChaplinVillageChaplin No. 164CA.SK.CHP
Christopher LakeVillageLakeland No. 521CA.SK.CHR
ClavetVillageBlucher No. 343CA.SK.CLA
ClimaxVillageLone Tree No. 18CA.SK.CLI
CoderreVillageRodgers No. 133CA.SK.COD
CodetteVillageNipawin No. 487CA.SK.COT
ColevilleVillageOakdale No. 320CA.SK.COV
ConquestVillageFertile Valley No. 285CA.SK.CON
ConsulVillageReno No. 51CA.SK.COS
CravenVillageLonglaketon No. 219CA.SK.CRV
CreelmanVillageFillmore No. 96CA.SK.CRE
DafoeVillageBig Quill No. 308CA.SK.DAF
DebdenVillageCanwood No. 494CA.SK.DEB
DenholmVillageMayfield No. 406CA.SK.DEH
DenzilVillageEye Hill No. 382CA.SK.DEN
DilkeVillageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.DIL
DinsmoreVillageMilden No. 286CA.SK.DIN
DisleyVillageLumsden No. 189CA.SK.DIS
DodslandVillageWinslow No. 319CA.SK.DOD
DorintoshVillageMeadow Lake No. 588CA.SK.DOR
DrakeVillageUsborne No. 310CA.SK.DRA
DrinkwaterVillageRedburn No. 130CA.SK.DRI
DubucVillageGrayson No. 184CA.SK.DUB
DuffVillageStanley No. 215CA.SK.DUF
DuvalVillageLast Mountain Valley No. 250CA.SK.DUV
DysartVillageLipton No. 217CA.SK.DYS
Earl GreyVillageLonglaketon No. 219CA.SK.EAR
EbenezerVillageOrkney No. 244CA.SK.EBE
EdamVillageTurtle River No. 469CA.SK.EDA
EdenwoldVillageEdenwold No. 158CA.SK.EDE
ElbowVillageLoreburn No. 254CA.SK.ELB
ElfrosVillageElfros No. 307CA.SK.ELF
ElstowVillageBlucher No. 343CA.SK.ELS
EndeavourVillagePreeceville No. 334CA.SK.END
EnglefeldVillageSt. Peter No. 369CA.SK.ENG
ErnfoldVillageMorse No. 165CA.SK.ERN
EyebrowVillageEyebrow No. 193CA.SK.EYE
FairlightVillageMaryfield No. 91CA.SK.FAI
FenwoodVillageStanley No. 215CA.SK.FEN
FillmoreVillageFillmore No. 96CA.SK.FIL
FindlaterVillageDufferin No. 190CA.SK.FIN
FlaxcombeVillageKindersley No. 290CA.SK.FLA
ForgetVillageTecumseh No. 65CA.SK.FOR
FosstonVillagePonass Lake No. 367CA.SK.FOS
Fox ValleyVillageFox Valley No. 171CA.SK.FOX
FrobisherVillageCoalfields No. 4CA.SK.FRB
FrontierVillageFrontier No. 19CA.SK.FRO
GainsboroughVillageArgyle No. 1CA.SK.GAI
GeraldVillageSpy Hill No. 152CA.SK.GER
GlaslynVillageParkdale No. 498CA.SK.GLA
Glen EwenVillageEnniskillen No. 3CA.SK.GLE
GlenavonVillageChester No. 125CA.SK.GLV
GlensideVillageRudy No. 284CA.SK.GLS
Golden PrairieVillageBig Stick No. 141CA.SK.GOL
GoodeveVillageStanley No. 215CA.SK.GOE
GoodsoilVillageBeaver River No. 622CA.SK.GOS
GoodwaterVillageLomond No. 37CA.SK.GOW
Grand CouleeVillageSherwood No. 159CA.SK.GRC
GraysonVillageGrayson No. 184CA.SK.GRS
HalbriteVillageCymri No. 36CA.SK.HAL
HarrisVillageHarris No. 316CA.SK.HAR
HawardenVillageLoreburn No. 254CA.SK.HAW
HazenmoreVillagePinto Creek No. 75CA.SK.HAM
HazletVillagePittville No. 169CA.SK.HAZ
HewardVillageTecumseh No. 65CA.SK.HEW
HodgevilleVillageLawtonia No. 135CA.SK.HOD
HoldfastVillageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.HOL
HubbardVillageItuna Bon Accord No. 246CA.SK.HUB
HyasVillageClayton No. 333CA.SK.HYA
InvermayVillageInvermay No. 305CA.SK.INV
JansenVillageWolverine No. 340CA.SK.JAB
KeelerVillageMarquis No. 191CA.SK.KEE
KelliherVillageKellross No. 247CA.SK.KEL
KenastonVillageMcCraney No. 282CA.SK.KEN
KendalVillageMontmartre No. 126CA.SK.KED
KennedyVillageWawken No. 93CA.SK.KDY
Kenosee LakeVillageWawken No. 93CA.SK.KSL
KillalyVillageMcLeod No. 185CA.SK.KIL
KincaidVillagePinto Creek No. 75CA.SK.KIC
KinleyVillagePerdue No. 346CA.SK.KLY
KisbeyVillageBrock No. 64CA.SK.KIS
KrydorVillageRedberry No. 435CA.SK.KRY
LairdVillageRosthern No. 403CA.SK.LAI
Lake AlmaVillageLake Alma No. 8CA.SK.LAA
Lake LenoreVillageLake Lenore No. 399CA.SK.LAK
LancerVillageMiry Creek No. 229CA.SK.LAC
LandisVillageReford No. 379CA.SK.LAD
LangVillageScott No. 98CA.SK.LAG
LeaskVillageLeask No. 464CA.SK.LEK
LebretVillageNorth Qu'Appelle No. 187CA.SK.LEB
LeovilleVillageSpiritwood No. 496CA.SK.LEO
LerossVillageKellross No. 247CA.SK.LER
LestockVillageKellross No. 247CA.SK.LES
LibertyVillageBig Arm No. 251CA.SK.LIB
LimerickVillageStonehenge No. 73CA.SK.LIM
LintlawVillageHazel Dell No. 335CA.SK.LIN
LiptonVillageLipton No. 217CA.SK.LIP
Loon LakeVillageLoon Lake No. 561CA.SK.LOO
LoreburnVillageLoreburn No. 254CA.SK.LOR
LoveVillageTorch River No. 488CA.SK.LOV
Lucky LakeVillageCanaan No. 225CA.SK.LUC
MacNuttVillageChurchbridge No. 211CA.SK.MCN
MacounVillageCymri No. 36CA.SK.MCO
MacrorieVillageFertile Valley No. 285CA.SK.MCR
MajorVillagePrairiedale No. 321CA.SK.MAJ
MakwaVillageLoon Lake No. 561CA.SK.MAK
MankotaVillageMankota No. 45CA.SK.MAN
ManorVillageMoose Mountain No. 63CA.SK.MAO
MarcelinVillageBlaine Lake No. 434CA.SK.MAR
MarengoVillageMilton No. 292CA.SK.MAE
MargoVillageSasman No. 336CA.SK.MAG
MarkinchVillageCupar No. 218CA.SK.MKH
MarquisVillageMarquis No. 191CA.SK.MRQ
MarsdenVillageManitou Lake No. 442CA.SK.MAS
MaryfieldVillageMaryfield No. 91CA.SK.MAF
MaymontVillageMayfield No. 406CA.SK.MAY
McLeanVillageSouth Qu'appelle No. 157CA.SK.MCL
McTaggartVillageWeyburn No. 67CA.SK.MCT
MeachamVillageColonsay No. 342CA.SK.MEA
Meath ParkVillageGarden River No. 490CA.SK.MPA
MedsteadVillageMedstead No. 497CA.SK.MED
MendhamVillageHappyland No. 231CA.SK.MEN
MeotaVillageMeota No. 468CA.SK.MEO
MervinVillageMervin No. 499CA.SK.MER
Middle LakeVillageThree Lakes No. 400CA.SK.MID
MildenVillageMilden No. 286CA.SK.MIL
MintonVillageSurprise Valley No. 9CA.SK.MIN
MistatimVillageBjorkdale No. 426CA.SK.MIS
MontmartreVillageMontmartre No. 126CA.SK.MON
MortlachVillageWheatlands No. 163CA.SK.MOL
MuensterVillageSt. Peter No. 369CA.SK.MUE
NeilburgVillageHillsdale No. 440CA.SK.NEI
NetherhillVillageKindersley No. 290CA.SK.NET
NeudorfVillageMcLeod No. 185CA.SK.NEU
NevilleVillageWhiska Creek No. 106CA.SK.NEV
North PortalVillageCoalfields No. 4CA.SK.NOP
OdessaVillageFrancis No. 127CA.SK.ODE
OsageVillageFillmore No. 96CA.SK.OSA
PaddockwoodVillagePaddockwood No. 520CA.SK.PAD
PangmanVillageNorton No. 69CA.SK.PAN
Paradise HillVillageFrenchman Butte No. 501CA.SK.PAH
ParksideVillageLeask No. 464CA.SK.PAR
PayntonVillagePaynton No. 470CA.SK.PAY
PellyVillageSt. Philips No. 301CA.SK.PEL
PennantVillageRiverside No. 168CA.SK.PEN
PerdueVillagePerdue No. 346CA.SK.PER
PiercelandVillageBeaver River No. 622CA.SK.PIE
PilgerVillageThree Lakes No. 400CA.SK.PIL
PleasantdaleVillagePleasantdale No. 398CA.SK.PLD
PlentyVillageWinslow No. 319CA.SK.PLE
PlunkettVillageViscount No. 341CA.SK.PLU
PrelateVillageHappyland No. 231CA.SK.PRE
PrimateVillageEye Hill No. 382CA.SK.PRI
Prud'hommeVillageBayne No. 371CA.SK.PRU
PunnichyVillageMount Hope No. 279CA.SK.PUN
Quill LakeVillageLakeside No. 338CA.SK.QUL
QuintonVillageMount Hope No. 279CA.SK.QUI
Rabbit LakeVillageRound Hill No. 467CA.SK.RAB
RamaVillageInvermay No. 305CA.SK.RAM
RheinVillageWallace No. 243CA.SK.RHE
RichardVillageDouglas No. 436CA.SK.RIC
RichmoundVillageEnterprise No. 142CA.SK.RIM
RidgedaleVillageConnaught No. 457CA.SK.RID
RiverhurstVillageMaple Bush No. 224CA.SK.RIV
Roche PerceeVillageCoalfields No. 4CA.SK.ROP
RuddellVillageMayfield No. 406CA.SK.RUD
Rush LakeVillageExcelsior No. 166CA.SK.RUS
SceptreVillageClinworth No. 230CA.SK.SCE
SedleyVillageFrancis No. 127CA.SK.SED
SemansVillageMount Hope No. 279CA.SK.SEM
SenlacVillageSenlac No. 411CA.SK.SEN
ShamrockVillageShamrock No. 134CA.SK.SHA
ShehoVillageViscount No. 341CA.SK.SHE
Shell LakeVillageShell Lake No. 495CA.SK.SHL
SiltonVillageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.SIL
SimpsonVillageWood Creek No. 281CA.SK.SIM
SmeatonVillageTorch River No. 488CA.SK.SME
SmileyVillagePrairiedale No. 321CA.SK.SMI
SpaldingVillageSpalding No. 368CA.SK.SPA
SpeersVillageDouglas No. 436CA.SK.SPE
Spy HillVillageSpy Hill No. 152CA.SK.SPY
St. BenedictVillageThree Lakes No. 400CA.SK.STB
St. GregorVillageSt. Peter No. 369CA.SK.STG
St. LouisVillageSt. Louis No. 431CA.SK.STL
StenenVillageClayton No. 333CA.SK.STE
Stewart ValleyVillageSaskatchewan Landing No. 167CA.SK.SVA
StockholmVillageFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.STO
StorthoaksVillageStorthoaks No. 31CA.SK.STK
StrongfieldVillageLoreburn No. 254CA.SK.STF
SuccessVillageRiverside No. 168CA.SK.SUC
TantallonVillageSpy Hill No. 152CA.SK.TAN
TessierVillageHarris No. 316CA.SK.TES
TheodoreVillageInsinger No. 275CA.SK.THE
TogoVillageCote No. 271CA.SK.TOG
TompkinsVillageGull Lake No. 139CA.SK.TOM
TorquayVillageCambria No. 6CA.SK.TOR
Tramping LakeVillageTramping Lake No. 380CA.SK.TRA
TribuneVillageSouris Valley No. 7CA.SK.TRI
TugaskeVillageHuron No. 223CA.SK.TUG
TuxfordVillageMarquis No. 191CA.SK.TUX
Val MarieVillageVal Marie No. 17CA.SK.VAM
ValparaisoVillageStar City No. 428CA.SK.VAL
VanguardVillageWhiska Creek No. 106CA.SK.VAN
VanscoyVillageVanscoy No. 345CA.SK.VAS
VibankVillageFrancis No. 127CA.SK.VIB
ViscountVillageViscount No. 341CA.SK.VIS
WaldeckVillageExcelsior No. 166CA.SK.WAE
WaldronVillageGrayson No. 184CA.SK.WAR
WasecaVillageEldon No. 471CA.SK.WAS
WebbVillageWebb No. 138CA.SK.WEB
WeekesVillagePorcupine No. 395CA.SK.WEE
WeirdaleVillageGarden River No. 490CA.SK.WEI
WeldonVillageKinistino No. 459CA.SK.WEL
WelwynVillageRocanville No. 151CA.SK.WEW
White FoxVillageTorch River No. 488CA.SK.WHF
WilcoxVillageBratt's Lake No. 129CA.SK.WIL
WindthorstVillageChester No. 125CA.SK.WIN
WisetonVillageMilden No. 286CA.SK.WIS
Wood MountainVillageOld Post No. 43CA.SK.WOO
YarboVillageLangenburg No. 181CA.SK.YAR
YoungVillageMorris No. 312CA.SK.YOU
ZelmaVillageBayne No. 371CA.SK.ZEL
Zenon ParkVillageArborfield No. 456CA.SK.ZEN
Alice BeachResort villageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.ALB
AquadeoResort villageMeota No. 468CA.SK.AQU
B-Say-TahResort villageNorth Qu'Appelle No. 187CA.SK.BST
Beaver FlatResort villageExcelsior No. 166CA.SK.BEF
Big ShellResort villageSpiritwood No. 496CA.SK.BIS
Bird's PointResort villageFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.BIP
Candle LakeResort villagePaddockwood No. 520CA.SK.CAN
Chitek LakeResort villageBig River No. 555CA.SK.CHI
Chorney BeachResort villageFoam Lake No. 276CA.SK.CHB
CochinResort villageMeota No. 468CA.SK.COC
Coteau BeachResort villageCoteau No. 255CA.SK.COB
Echo BayResort villageSpiritwood No. 496CA.SK.ECH
Etters BeachResort villageBig Arm No. 251CA.SK.ETT
Fort SanResort villageNorth Qu'Appelle No. 187CA.SK.FSA
Glen HarbourResort villageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.GLH
Grandview BeachResort villageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.GRB
Greig LakeResort villageMeadow Lake No. 588CA.SK.GRE
Island ViewResort villageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.ISL
Kannata ValleyResort villageLonglaketon No. 219CA.SK.KAN
KatepwaResort villageAbernethy No. 186CA.SK.KAT
Kivimaa-Moonlight BayResort villageMervin No. 499CA.SK.KIV
Leslie BeachResort villageFoam Lake No. 276CA.SK.LBE
Lumsden BeachResort villageLumsden No. 189CA.SK.LUB
Manitou BeachResort villageMorris No. 312CA.SK.MAB
Melville BeachResort villageGrayson No. 184CA.SK.MEL
MetinotaResort villageMeota No. 468CA.SK.MET
MistusinneResort villageMaple Bush No. 224CA.SK.MIT
North GroveResort villageDufferin No. 190CA.SK.NOG
Pebble BayeResort villageLeask No. 464CA.SK.PEB
Pelican PointeResort villageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.PPO
Saskatchewan BeachResort villageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.SAB
ShieldsResort villageDundurn No. 314CA.SK.SHI
South LakeResort villageMarquis No. 191CA.SK.SOL
Sun ValleyResort villageMarquis No. 191CA.SK.SUV
Sunset CoveResort villageMcKillop No. 220CA.SK.SUN
ThodeResort villageDundurn No. 314CA.SK.THO
Tobin LakeResort villageMoose Range No. 486CA.SK.TOB
Wakaw LakeResort villageHoodoo No. 401CA.SK.WAL
Wee Too BeachResort villageSarnia No. 221CA.SK.WTB
West EndResort villageFertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.WES
Rural Municipalities
Rural Municipalities (RM)AreaCode
Aberdeen No. 373CA.SK.373
Abernethy No. 186CA.SK.186
Antelope Park No. 322CA.SK.322
Antler No. 61CA.SK.061
Arborfield No. 456CA.SK.456
Argyle No. 1CA.SK.001
Arlington No. 79CA.SK.079
Arm River No. 252CA.SK.252
Auvergne No. 76CA.SK.076
Baildon No. 131CA.SK.131
Barrier Valley No. 397CA.SK.397
Battle River No. 438CA.SK.438
Bayne No. 371CA.SK.371
Beaver River No. 622CA.SK.622
Bengough No. 40CA.SK.040
Benson No. 35CA.SK.035
Big Arm No. 251CA.SK.251
Big Quill No. 308CA.SK.308
Big River No. 555CA.SK.555
Big Stick No. 141CA.SK.141
Biggar No. 347CA.SK.347
Birch Hills No. 460CA.SK.460
Bjorkdale No. 426CA.SK.426
Blaine Lake No. 434CA.SK.434
Blucher No. 343CA.SK.343
Bone Creek No. 108CA.SK.108
Bratt's Lake No. 129CA.SK.129
Britannia No. 502CA.SK.502
Brock No. 64CA.SK.064
Brokenshell No. 68CA.SK.068
Browning No. 34CA.SK.034
Buchanan No. 304CA.SK.304
Buckland No. 491CA.SK.491
Buffalo No. 409CA.SK.409
Calder No. 241CA.SK.241
Caledonia No. 99CA.SK.099
Cambria No. 6CA.SK.006
Cana No. 214CA.SK.214
Canaan No. 225CA.SK.225
Canwood No. 494CA.SK.494
Carmichael No. 109CA.SK.109
Caron No. 162CA.SK.162
Chaplin No. 164CA.SK.164
Chester No. 125CA.SK.125
Chesterfield No. 261CA.SK.261
Churchbridge No. 211CA.SK.211
Clayton No. 333CA.SK.333
Clinworth No. 230CA.SK.230
Coalfields No. 4CA.SK.004
Colonsay No. 342CA.SK.342
Connaught No. 457CA.SK.457
Corman Park No. 344CA.SK.344
Cote No. 271CA.SK.271
Coteau No. 255CA.SK.255
Coulee No. 136CA.SK.136
Craik No. 222CA.SK.222
Cupar No. 218CA.SK.218
Cut Knife No. 439CA.SK.439
Cymri No. 36CA.SK.036
Deer Forks No. 232CA.SK.232
Douglas No. 436CA.SK.436
Duck Lake No. 463CA.SK.463
Dufferin No. 190CA.SK.190
Dundurn No. 314CA.SK.314
Eagle Creek No. 376CA.SK.376
Edenwold No. 158CA.SK.158
Elcapo No. 154CA.SK.154
Eldon No. 471CA.SK.471
Elfros No. 307CA.SK.307
Elmsthorpe No. 100CA.SK.100
Emerald No. 277CA.SK.277
Enfield No. 194CA.SK.194
Enniskillen No. 3CA.SK.003
Enterprise No. 142CA.SK.142
Estevan No. 5CA.SK.005
Excel No. 71CA.SK.071
Excelsior No. 166CA.SK.166
Eye Hill No. 382CA.SK.382
Eyebrow No. 193CA.SK.193
Fertile Belt No. 183CA.SK.183
Fertile Valley No. 285CA.SK.285
Fillmore No. 96CA.SK.096
Fish Creek No. 402CA.SK.402
Flett's Springs No. 429CA.SK.429
Foam Lake No. 276CA.SK.276
Fox Valley No. 171CA.SK.171
Francis No. 127CA.SK.127
Frenchman Butte No. 501CA.SK.501
Frontier No. 19CA.SK.019
Garden River No. 490CA.SK.490
Garry No. 245CA.SK.245
Glen Bain No. 105CA.SK.105
Glen McPherson No. 46CA.SK.046
Glenside No. 377CA.SK.377
Golden West No. 95CA.SK.095
Good Lake No. 274CA.SK.274
Grandview No. 349CA.SK.349
Grant No. 372CA.SK.372
Grass Lake No. 381CA.SK.381
Grassy Creek No. 78CA.SK.078
Gravelbourg No. 104CA.SK.104
Grayson No. 184CA.SK.184
Great Bend No. 405CA.SK.405
Griffin No. 66CA.SK.066
Gull Lake No. 139CA.SK.139
Happy Valley No. 10CA.SK.010
Happyland No. 231CA.SK.231
Harris No. 316CA.SK.316
Hart Butte No. 11CA.SK.011
Hazel Dell No. 335CA.SK.335
Hazelwood No. 94CA.SK.094
Heart's Hill No. 352CA.SK.352
Hillsborough No. 132CA.SK.132
Hillsdale No. 440CA.SK.440
Hoodoo No. 401CA.SK.401
Hudson Bay No. 394CA.SK.394
Humboldt No. 370CA.SK.370
Huron No. 223CA.SK.223
Indian Head No. 156CA.SK.156
Insinger No. 275CA.SK.275
Invergordon No. 430CA.SK.430
Invermay No. 305CA.SK.305
Ituna Bon Accord No. 246CA.SK.246
Kellross No. 247CA.SK.247
Kelvington No. 366CA.SK.366
Key West No. 70CA.SK.070
Keys No. 303CA.SK.303
Kindersley No. 290CA.SK.290
King George No. 256CA.SK.256
Kingsley No. 124CA.SK.124
Kinistino No. 459CA.SK.459
Lac Pelletier No. 107CA.SK.107
Lacadena No. 228CA.SK.228
Laird No. 404CA.SK.404
Lajord No. 128CA.SK.128
Lake Alma No. 8CA.SK.008
Lake Johnston No. 102CA.SK.102
Lake Lenore No. 399CA.SK.399
Lake of the Rivers No. 72CA.SK.072
Lakeland No. 521CA.SK.521
Lakeside No. 338CA.SK.338
Lakeview No. 337CA.SK.337
Langenburg No. 181CA.SK.181
Last Mountain Valley No. 250CA.SK.250
Laurier No. 38CA.SK.038
Lawtonia No. 135CA.SK.135
Leask No. 464CA.SK.464
Leroy No. 339CA.SK.339
Lipton No. 217CA.SK.217
Livingston No. 331CA.SK.331
Lomond No. 37CA.SK.037
Lone Tree No. 18CA.SK.018
Longlaketon No. 219CA.SK.219
Loon Lake No. 561CA.SK.561
Loreburn No. 254CA.SK.254
Lost River No. 313CA.SK.313
Lumsden No. 189CA.SK.189
Manitou Lake No. 442CA.SK.442
Mankota No. 45CA.SK.045
Maple Bush No. 224CA.SK.224
Maple Creek No. 111CA.SK.111
Mariposa No. 350CA.SK.350
Marquis No. 191CA.SK.191
Marriott No. 317CA.SK.317
Martin No. 122CA.SK.122
Maryfield No. 91CA.SK.091
Mayfield No. 406CA.SK.406
McCraney No. 282CA.SK.282
McKillop No. 220CA.SK.220
McLeod No. 185CA.SK.185
Meadow Lake No. 588CA.SK.588
Medstead No. 497CA.SK.497
Meeting Lake No. 466CA.SK.466
Meota No. 468CA.SK.468
Mervin No. 499CA.SK.499
Milden No. 286CA.SK.286
Milton No. 292CA.SK.292
Miry Creek No. 229CA.SK.229
Monet No. 257CA.SK.257
Montmartre No. 126CA.SK.126
Montrose No. 315CA.SK.315
Moose Creek No. 33CA.SK.033
Moose Jaw No. 161CA.SK.161
Moose Mountain No. 63CA.SK.063
Moose Range No. 486CA.SK.486
Moosomin No. 121CA.SK.121
Morris No. 312CA.SK.312
Morse No. 165CA.SK.165
Mount Hope No. 279CA.SK.279
Mount Pleasant No. 2CA.SK.002
Mountain View No. 318CA.SK.318
Newcombe No. 260CA.SK.260
Nipawin No. 487CA.SK.487
North Battleford No. 437CA.SK.437
North Qu'Appelle No. 187CA.SK.187
Norton No. 69CA.SK.069
Oakdale No. 320CA.SK.320
Old Post No. 43CA.SK.043
Orkney No. 244CA.SK.244
Paddockwood No. 520CA.SK.520
Parkdale No. 498CA.SK.498
Paynton No. 470CA.SK.470
Pense No. 160CA.SK.160
Perdue No. 346CA.SK.346
Piapot No. 110CA.SK.110
Pinto Creek No. 75CA.SK.075
Pittville No. 169CA.SK.169
Pleasant Valley No. 288CA.SK.288
Pleasantdale No. 398CA.SK.398
Ponass Lake No. 367CA.SK.367
Poplar Valley No. 12CA.SK.012
Porcupine No. 395CA.SK.395
Prairie Rose No. 309CA.SK.309
Prairiedale No. 321CA.SK.321
Preeceville No. 334CA.SK.334
Prince Albert No. 461CA.SK.461
Progress No. 351CA.SK.351
Reciprocity No. 32CA.SK.032
Redberry No. 435CA.SK.435
Redburn No. 130CA.SK.130
Reford No. 379CA.SK.379
Reno No. 51CA.SK.051
Riverside No. 168CA.SK.168
Rocanville No. 151CA.SK.151
Rodgers No. 133CA.SK.133
Rosedale No. 283CA.SK.283
Rosemount No. 378CA.SK.378
Rosthern No. 403CA.SK.403
Round Hill No. 467CA.SK.467
Round Valley No. 410CA.SK.410
Rudy No. 284CA.SK.284
Saltcoats No. 213CA.SK.213
Sarnia No. 221CA.SK.221
Saskatchewan Landing No. 167CA.SK.167
Sasman No. 336CA.SK.336
Scott No. 98CA.SK.098
Senlac No. 411CA.SK.411
Shamrock No. 134CA.SK.134
Shellbrook No. 493CA.SK.493
Sherwood No. 159CA.SK.159
Silverwood No. 123CA.SK.123
Sliding Hills No. 273CA.SK.273
Snipe Lake No. 259CA.SK.259
Souris Valley No. 7CA.SK.007
South Qu'Appelle No. 157CA.SK.157
Spalding No. 368CA.SK.368
Spiritwood No. 496CA.SK.496
Spy Hill No. 152CA.SK.152
St. Andrews No. 287CA.SK.287
St. Louis No. 431CA.SK.431
St. Peter No. 369CA.SK.369
St. Philips No. 301CA.SK.301
Stanley No. 215CA.SK.215
Star City No. 428CA.SK.428
Stonehenge No. 73CA.SK.073
Storthoaks No. 31CA.SK.031
Surprise Valley No. 9CA.SK.009
Sutton No. 103CA.SK.103
Swift Current No. 137CA.SK.137
Tecumseh No. 65CA.SK.065
Terrell No. 101CA.SK.101
The Gap No. 39CA.SK.039
Three Lakes No. 400CA.SK.400
Tisdale No. 427CA.SK.427
Torch River No. 488CA.SK.488
Touchwood No. 248CA.SK.248
Tramping Lake No. 380CA.SK.380
Tullymet No. 216CA.SK.216
Turtle River No. 469CA.SK.469
Usborne No. 310CA.SK.310
Val Marie No. 17CA.SK.017
Vanscoy No. 345CA.SK.345
Victory No. 226CA.SK.226
Viscount No. 341CA.SK.341
Wallace No. 243CA.SK.243
Walpole No. 92CA.SK.092
Waverley No. 44CA.SK.044
Wawken No. 93CA.SK.093
Webb No. 138CA.SK.138
Wellington No. 97CA.SK.097
Weyburn No. 67CA.SK.067
Wheatlands No. 163CA.SK.163
Whiska Creek No. 106CA.SK.106
White Valley No. 49CA.SK.049
Willner No. 253CA.SK.253
Willow Bunch No. 42CA.SK.042
Willow Creek No. 458CA.SK.458
Willowdale No. 153CA.SK.153
Wilton No. 472CA.SK.472
Winslow No. 319CA.SK.319
Wise Creek No. 77CA.SK.077
Wolseley No. 155CA.SK.155
Wolverine No. 340CA.SK.340
Wood Creek No. 281CA.SK.281
Wood River No. 74CA.SK.074
Wreford No. 280CA.SK.280
Northern Municipalities
CreightonNorthern townCA.SK.CRT
La RongeNorthern townCA.SK.LAR
Air RongeNorthern villageCA.SK.AIR
BeauvalNorthern villageCA.SK.BEV
Buffalo NarrowsNorthern villageCA.SK.BUF
Cumberland HouseNorthern villageCA.SK.CUM
Denare BeachNorthern villageCA.SK.DBE
Green LakeNorthern villageCA.SK.GRL
Île-à-la-CrosseNorthern villageCA.SK.ILC
La LocheNorthern villageCA.SK.LAL
Pelican NarrowsNorthern villageCA.SK.PNA
PinehouseNorthern villageCA.SK.PIN
Sandy BayNorthern villageCA.SK.SAN
Black PointNorthern hamletCA.SK.BLP
Cole BayNorthern hamletCA.SK.CBE
Dore LakeNorthern hamletCA.SK.DOL
Jans BayNorthern hamletCA.SK.JAN
Michel VillageNorthern hamletCA.SK.MIC
PatuanakNorthern hamletCA.SK.PAT
St. George's HillNorthern hamletCA.SK.STH
Stony RapidsNorthern hamletCA.SK.STS
Timber BayNorthern hamletCA.SK.TIM
Turnor LakeNorthern hamletCA.SK.TUL
WeyakwinNorthern hamletCA.SK.WEK

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