Compiled by MM0DFV ¦ Updated 6th June, 2016

The Argentinian PSK Award Programme (ARPA) consists of 3 (three) different award series ‒ ARRPA (Argentinian Regions PSK Award), ARPPA (Argentinian Provinces PSK Award), and ARDPA (Argentinian Departments PSK Award). The award programme is based on the Argentinian administrative geography and dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the European PSK Club. It has been sponsored by Radioarena UK Ltd and devised by the European PSK Club on 6th June, 2016 for two-way PSK contacts with amateur radio stations operating from various administrative units (territories) of various levels of Argentina. Please make sure that the «COMMENT» field in your ADIF log contains the contacted station's ARGPA designator, in format of #AREA XX.YY.ZZ as per the list below (for example ‒ if you made a QSO with a station working from Bermejo (Province of Formosa) giving you an abbreviation set AR.FO.BE, your ADIF comment field should be #AREA AR.FO.BE). This is a mandatory requirement to make able the manager's software to check your application correctly.

Argentinian Regions PSK Award

The provinces of Argentina are often grouped into six geographical regions. ARRPA award may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted all six regions of Argentina listed below. Contacts count with EPC members only, on or after 10th June 2006.

From West to East and from North to South, the Regions are:


Argentinian Provinces PSK Award

Argentina is subdivided into 23 provinces and one autonomous city (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires), which is the federal capital of the nation. ARPPA III, ARPPA II and ARPPA I awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted 8, 16 and all 23 provinces and the autonomous city respectively at the time of application. Contacts count with EPC members only, on or after 10th June 2006.
Please make sure that the «STATE» field in your ADIF log contains correct state abbreviation as per the Amateur Data Interchange Format (ADIF) specifications given in the table «Enumeration for Country Code 100».

LU-A Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires)
Pampas AR.CF
LU-D Province of Buenos Aires (Provincia de Buenos Aires) Pampas AR.BA
LU-F Province of Santa Fe (Provincia de Santa Fe) Pampas AR.SF
LU-G Province of Chaco (Provincia del Chaco) Gran Chaco AR.CC
LU-G Province of Formosa (Provincia de Formosa) Gran Chaco AR.FO
LU-H Province of Córdoba (Provincia de Córdoba) Pampas AR.CD
LU-I Province of Misiones (Provincia de Misiones) Mesopotamia AR.MN
LU-J Province of Entre Ríos (Provincia de Entre Ríos) Mesopotamia AR.ER
LU-K Province of Tucumán (Provincia de Tucumán) Argentine Northwest AR.TM
LU-L Province of Corrientes (Provincia de Corrientes) Mesopotamia AR.CR
LU-M Province of Mendoza (Provincia de Mendoza) Cuyo AR.MZ
LU-N Province of Santiago del Estero (Provincia de Santiago del Estero) Gran Chaco AR.SE
LU-O Province of Salta (Provincia de Salta) Argentine Northwest AR.SA
LU-P Province of San Juan (Provincia de San Juan) Cuyo AR.SJ
LU-Q Province of San Luis (Provincia de San Luis) Cuyo AR.SL
LU-R Province of Catamarca (Provincia de Catamarca) Argentine Northwest AR.CT
LU-S Province of La Rioja (Provincia de La Rioja) Cuyo AR.LR
LU-T Province of Jujuy (Provincia de Jujuy) Argentine Northwest AR.JY
LU-U Province of La Pampa (Provincia de La Pampa) Pampas AR.LP
LU-V Province of Río Negro (Provincia de Río Negro) Patagonia AR.RN
LU-W Province of Chubut (Provincia del Chubut) Patagonia AR.CH
LU-X Province of Santa Cruz (Provincia de Santa Cruz) Patagonia AR.SC
LU-X Province of Tierra del Fuego (Provincia de Tierra del Fuego) Patagonia AR.TF
LU-Y Province of Neuquén (Provincia del Neuquén) Patagonia AR.NQ

Argentinian Departments PSK Award

Departments (Spanish: departamentos) form the second level of administrative division (below the provinces) in all of Argentina except for the Province of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the national capital, each of which has different administrative arrangements. Province of Buenos Aires is divided into partidos and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is divided into communes.

ARDPA award series is based on departments, partidos, communes, exceptional islands and Argentinian Antarctic bases as shown in the list below. ARDPA 50, ARDPA 100, ARDPA 150, ARDPA 200, ARDPA 250, ARDPA 300, ARDPA 350, ARDPA 400, ARDPA 450, and ARDPA 500 awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station or DMS/SWL eligible under the EPC Awards General Rules who can produce evidence of having contacted 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and 500 current (different) departments and other listed administrative units and territories respectively at the time of application.

LU-A, B, C ¦ Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Communes) ¦ AR.CF ARPA Code
Comuna 1 AR.CF.01
Comuna 2 AR.CF.02
Comuna 3 AR.CF.03
Comuna 4 AR.CF.04
Comuna 5 AR.CF.05
Comuna 6 AR.CF.06
Comuna 7 AR.CF.07
Comuna 8 AR.CF.09
Comuna 9 AR.CF.09
Comuna 10 AR.CF.10
Comuna 11 AR.CF.11
Comuna 12 AR.CF.12
Comuna 13 AR.CF.13
Comuna 14 AR.CF.14
Comuna 15 AR.CF.15
LU-D, E ¦ Province of Buenos Aires (Partidos) ¦ AR.BA ARPA Code
Adolfo Alsina AR.BA.AA
Adolfo Gonzales Chaves AR.BA.AG
Alberti AR.BA.AL
Almirante Brown AR.BA.AB
Arrecifes AR.BA.AR
Avellaneda AR.BA.AV
Ayacucho AR.BA.AY
Bahía Blanca AR.BA.BB
Balcarce AR.BA.BA
Baradero AR.BA.BR
Benito Juárez AR.BA.BJ
Berazategui AR.BA.BE
Berisso AR.BA.BS
Bolívar AR.BA.BO
Bragado AR.BA.BG
Brandsen AR.BA.BD
Campana AR.BA.CM
Caûuelas AR.BA.CN
Capitán Sarmiento AR.BA.CS
Carlos Casares AR.BA.CL
Carlos Tejedor AR.BA.CT
Carmen de Areco AR.BA.CA
Castelli AR.BA.CI
Chacabuco AR.BA.CB
Chascomús AR.BA.CH
Chivilcoy AR.BA.CV
Colón AR.BA.CO
Coronel Dorrego AR.BA.CD
Coronel Rosales AR.BA.CR
Coronel Pringles AR.BA.CP
Coronel Suárez AR.BA.CZ
Daireaux AR.BA.DA
Dolores AR.BA.DO
Ensenada AR.BA.EN
Escobar AR.BA.ES
Esteban Echeverría AR.BA.EE
Exaltación de la Cruz AR.BA.EC
Ezeiza AR.BA.EZ
Florencio Varela AR.BA.FV
Florentino Ameghino AR.BA.FA
General Alvarado AR.BA.GA
General Alvear AR.BA.GV
General Arenales AR.BA.GR
General Belgrano AR.BA.GB
General Guido AR.BA.GG
General Lamadrid AR.BA.GL
General Las Heras AR.BA.GH
General Lavalle AR.BA.GE
General Madariaga AR.BA.GM
General Paz AR.BA.GP
General Pinto AR.BA.GI
General Pueyrredón AR.BA.GY
General Rodríguez AR.BA.GZ
General San Martín AR.BA.GN
General Viamonte AR.BA.GT
General Villegas AR.BA.GS
Guaminí AR.BA.GU
Hipólito Yrigoyen AR.BA.HY
Hurlingham AR.BA.HU
Ituzaingó AR.BA.IT
José C. Paz AR.BA.JP
Junín AR.BA.JU
La Costa AR.BA.LC
La Matanza AR.BA.LM
La Plata AR.BA.LP
Lanús AR.BA.LA
Laprida AR.BA.LD
Las Flores AR.BA.LF
Leandro N. Alem AR.BA.LN
Lezama AR.BA.LE
Lincoln AR.BA.LI
Lobería AR.BA.LO
Lobos AR.BA.LB
Lomas de Zamora AR.BA.LZ
Luján AR.BA.LU
Magdalena AR.BA.MG
Maipú AR.BA.MI
Malvinas Argentinas AR.BA.MA
Mar Chiquita AR.BA.MC
Marcos Paz AR.BA.MP
Mercedes AR.BA.ME
Merlo AR.BA.MR
Monte AR.BA.MT
Monte Hermoso AR.BA.MH
Moreno AR.BA.MN
Morón AR.BA.MO
Navarro AR.BA.NA
Necochea AR.BA.NE
Nueve de Julio AR.BA.NJ
Olavarría AR.BA.OL
Patagones AR.BA.PA
Pehuajó AR.BA.PE
Pellegrini AR.BA.PL
Pergamino AR.BA.PG
Pilar AR.BA.PR
Pinamar AR.BA.PM
Presidente Perón AR.BA.PP
Punta Indio AR.BA.PT
Quilmes AR.BA.QU
Ramallo AR.BA.RA
Rauch AR.BA.RU
Rivadavia AR.BA.RV
Rojas AR.BA.RO
Roque Pérez AR.BA.RP
Saavedra AR.BA.SD
Saladillo AR.BA.SL
Salliqueló AR.BA.SQ
Salto AR.BA.ST
San Andrés de Giles AR.BA.SG
San Antonio de Areco AR.BA.SA
San Cayetano AR.BA.SC
San Fernando AR.BA.SF
San Isidro AR.BA.SI
San Miguel AR.BA.SM
San Nicolás AR.BA.SN
San Pedro AR.BA.SP
San Vicente AR.BA.SV
Suipacha AR.BA.SU
Tandil AR.BA.TD
Tapalqué AR.BA.TP
Tigre AR.BA.TG
Tordillo AR.BA.TO
Tornquist AR.BA.TQ
Trenque Lauquen AR.BA.TL
Tres Arroyos AR.BA.TA
Tres de Febrero AR.BA.TF
Tres Lomas AR.BA.TR
Veinticinco de Mayo AR.BA.VM
Vicente López AR.BA.VL
Villa Gesell AR.BA.VG
Villarino AR.BA.VI
Zárate AR.BA.ZA
LU-F ¦ Province of Santa Fe (Departments) ¦ AR.SF ARPA Code
Belgrano AR.SF.BE
Caseros AR.SF.CA
Castellanos AR.SF.CS
Constitución AR.SF.CO
Garay AR.SF.GA
General López AR.SF.GL
General Obligado AR.SF.GO
Iriondo AR.SF.IR
La Capital AR.SF.LC
Las Colonias AR.SF.LA
Nueve de Julio AR.SF.NJ
Rosario AR.SF.RO
San Cristóbal AR.SF.SC
San Javier AR.SF.SJ
San Jerónimo AR.SF.SA
San Justo AR.SF.SN
San Lorenzo AR.SF.SL
San Martín AR.SF.SM
LU-GA€¦GO ¦ Province of Chaco (Departments) ¦ AR.CC ARPA Code
Almirante Brown AR.CC.AB
Bermejo (Chaco) AR.CC.BE
Chacabuco AR.CC.CH
Comandante Fernández AR.CC.CF
Doce de Octubre AR.CC.DO
Dos de Abril AR.CC.DA
Fray Justo Santa María de Oro AR.CC.FJ
General Belgrano AR.CC.GB
General Donovan AR.CC.GD
General Güemes AR.CC.GG
Independencia AR.CC.IN
Libertad AR.CC.LI
Libertador General San Martín AR.CC.LG
Maipú AR.CC.MA
Mayor Luis Jorge Fontana AR.CC.ML
Nueve de Julio AR.CC.NJ
O'Higgins AR.CC.OH
Presidencia de la Plaza AR.CC.PP
Primero de Mayo AR.CC.PM
Quitilipi AR.CC.QU
San Fernando AR.CC.SF
San Lorenzo AR.CC.SL
Sargento Cabral AR.CC.SC
Tapenagá AR.CC.TA
Veinticinco de Mayo AR.CC.VM
LU-GP€¦GZ ¦ Province of Formosa (Departments) ¦ AR.FO ARPA Code
Bermejo AR.FO.BE
Formosa AR.FO.FO
Laishi AR.FO.LA
Matacos AR.FO.MA
Patiûo AR.FO.PA
Pilagás AR.FO.PI
Pilcomayo AR.FO.PL
Pirané AR.FO.PR
Ramón Lista AR.FO.RL
LU-H ¦ Province of Córdoba (Departments) ¦ AR.CD ARPA Code
Calamuchita AR.CD.CA
Capital AR.CD.CP
Colón AR.CD.CO
Cruz del Eje AR.CD.CE
General Roca AR.CD.GR
General San Martín AR.CD.GS
Ischilín AR.CD.IS
Juárez Celman AR.CD.JC
Marcos Juárez AR.CD.MJ
Minas AR.CD.MI
Pocho AR.CD.PO
Presidente Roque Sáenz Peûa AR.CD.PR
Punilla AR.CD.PU
Río Cuarto AR.CD.RC
Río Primero AR.CD.RP
Río Seco AR.CD.RS
Río Segundo AR.CD.RI
San Alberto AR.CD.SA
San Javier AR.CD.SJ
San Justo AR.CD.SU
Santa María AR.CD.SM
Sobremonte AR.CD.SO
Tercero Arriba AR.CD.TA
Totoral AR.CD.TO
Tulumba AR.CD.TU
Unión AR.CD.UN
LU-I ¦ Province of Misiones (Departments) ¦ AR.MN ARPA Code
Apóstoles AR.MN.AP
Cainguás AR.MN.CA
Candelaria AR.MN.CN
Capital AR.MN.CP
Concepción AR.MN.CO
Eldorado AR.MN.EL
General Manuel Belgrano AR.MN.GM
Guaraní AR.MN.GU
Iguazú AR.MN.IG
Leandro N. Alem AR.MN.LA
Libertador General San Martín AR.MN.LG
Montecarlo AR.MN.MO
Oberá AR.MN.OB
San Ignacio AR.MN.SI
San Javier AR.MN.SJ
San Pedro AR.MN.SP
25 de Mayo AR.MN.MY
LU-J ¦ Province of Entre Ríos (Departments) ¦ AR.ER ARPA Code
Colón AR.ER.CO
Concordia AR.ER.CN
Diamante AR.ER.DI
Federación AR.ER.FC
Federal AR.ER.FL
Gualeguay AR.ER.GU
Gualeguaychú AR.ER.GC
Islas del Ibicuy AR.ER.II
Nogoyá AR.ER.NO
Paraná AR.ER.PA
San José de Feliciano AR.ER.SJ
San Salvador AR.ER.SS
Uruguay AR.ER.UR
Victoria AR.ER.VI
Villaguay AR.ER.VL
LU-K ¦ Province of Tucumán (Departments) ¦ AR.TM ARPA Code
Burruyacú AR.TM.BU
Capital AR.TM.CP
Chicligasta AR.TM.CH
Cruz Alta AR.TM.CA
Famaillá AR.TM.FA
Graneros AR.TM.GR
Juan Bautista Alberdi AR.TM.JB
La Cocha AR.TM.LC
Leales AR.TM.LE
Lules AR.TM.LU
Monteros AR.TM.MO
Río Chico AR.TM.RC
Simoca AR.TM.SI
Tafí del Valle AR.TM.TV
Tafí Viejo AR.TM.TF
Trancas AR.TM.TR
Yerba Buena AR.TM.YB
LU-L ¦ Province of Corrientes (Departments) ¦ AR.CR ARPA Code
Bella Vista AR.CR.BV
Berón de Astrada AR.CR.BA
Capital AR.CR.CP
Concepción AR.CR.CO
Curuzú Cuatiá AR.CR.CC
Empedrado AR.CR.EM
Esquina AR.CR.ES
General Alvear AR.CR.GA
General Paz AR.CR.GP
Itatí AR.CR.IT
Ituzaingó AR.CR.IU
Lavalle AR.CR.LA
Mburucuyá AR.CR.MB
Mercedes AR.CR.ME
Monte Caseros AR.CR.MC
Paso de Libres AR.CR.PL
Saladas AR.CR.SA
San Cosme AR.CR.SC
San Luis del Palmar AR.CR.SL
San Martín AR.CR.SM
San Miguel AR.CR.SG
San Roque AR.CR.SR
Santo Tomé AR.CR.ST
Sauce AR.CR.SU
LU-M ¦ Province of Mendoza (Departments) ¦ AR.MZ ARPA Code
Capital AR.MZ.CP
General Alvear AR.MZ.GA
Godoy Cruz AR.MZ.GC
Guaymallén AR.MZ.GU
Junín AR.MZ.JU
Las Heras AR.MZ.LH
Lavalle AR.MZ.LA
Luján de Cuyo AR.MZ.LC
Maipú AR.MZ.MA
Malargüe AR.MZ.ML
Rivadavia AR.MZ.RI
San Carlos AR.MZ.SC
San Martín AR.MZ.SM
San Rafael AR.MZ.SR
Santa Rosa AR.MZ.SO
Tunuyán AR.MZ.TY
Tupungato AR.MZ.TU
LU-N ¦ Province of Santiago del Estero (Departments) ¦ AR.SE ARPA Code
Aguirre AR.SE.AG
Alberdi AR.SE.AL
Atamisqui AR.SE.AT
Avellaneda AR.SE.AV
Banda AR.SE.BA
Belgrano AR.SE.BE
Capital AR.SE.CP
Choya AR.SE.CH
Figueroa AR.SE.FI
General Taboada AR.SE.GT
Guasayán AR.SE.GU
Jiménez AR.SE.JM
Juan F. Ibarra AR.SE.JI
Loreto AR.SE.LO
Mitre AR.SE.MT
Moreno AR.SE.MO
Ojo de Agua AR.SE.OA
Pellegrini AR.SE.PE
Quebrachos AR.SE.QU
Río Hondo AR.SE.RH
Rivadavia AR.SE.RI
Robles AR.SE.RO
Salavina AR.SE.SA
San Martín AR.SE.SM
Sarmiento AR.SE.SR
Silípica AR.SE.SI
LU-O ¦ Province of Salta (Departments) ¦ AR.SA ARPA Code
Cachi AR.SA.CA
Cafayate AR.SA.CF
Capital AR.SA.CP
Cerrillos AR.SA.CE
Chicoana AR.SA.CH
General Güemes AR.SA.GG
General José de San Martín AR.SA.GJ
Guachipas AR.SA.GU
Iruya AR.SA.IR
La Caldera AR.SA.LC
La Candelaria AR.SA.LD
La Poma AR.SA.LP
La Viûa AR.SA.LV
Los Andes AR.SA.LA
Metán AR.SA.ME
Molinos AR.SA.MO
Rivadavia AR.SA.RI
Rosario de la Frontera AR.SA.RF
Rosario de Lerma AR.SA.RL
San Carlos AR.SA.SC
Santa Victoria AR.SA.SV
LU-P ¦ Province of San Juan (Departments) ¦ AR.SJ ARPA Code
Albardón AR.SJ.AL
Angaco AR.SJ.AN
Calingasta AR.SJ.CA
Capital AR.SJ.CP
Caucete AR.SJ.CU
Chimbas AR.SJ.CH
Iglesia AR.SJ.IG
Jáchal AR.SJ.JA
Nueve de Julio AR.SJ.NJ
Pocito AR.SJ.PO
Rawson AR.SJ.RA
Rivadavia AR.SJ.RI
San Martín AR.SJ.SM
Santa Lucía AR.SJ.SL
Sarmiento AR.SJ.SA
Ullum AR.SJ.UL
Valle Fértil AR.SJ.VF
Veinticinco de Mayo AR.SJ.VM
Zonda AR.SJ.ZO
LU-Q ¦ Province of San Luis (Departments) ¦ AR.SL ARPA Code
Ayacucho AR.SL.AY
Belgrano AR.SL.BE
Chacabuco AR.SL.CH
Coronel Pringles AR.SL.CP
General Pedernera AR.SL.GP
Gobernador Dupuy AR.SL.GD
Juan Martín de Pueyrredón AR.SL.JM
Junín AR.SL.JU
Libertador General San Martín AR.SL.LG
LU-R ¦ Province of Catamarca (Departments) ¦ AR.CT ARPA Code
Ambato AR.CT.AM
Ancasti AR.CT.AN
Andalgalá AR.CT.AD
Antofagasta de la Sierra AR.CT.AS
Belén AR.CT.BE
Capayán AR.CT.CA
Capital AR.CT.CP
El Alto AR.CT.EA
Fray Esquiú AR.CT.FM
Paclín AR.CT.PA
Pomán AR.CT.PO
Santa María AR.CT.SM
Santa Rosa AR.CT.SR
Tinogasta AR.CT.TI
Valle Viejo AR.CT.VV
LU-S ¦ Province of La Rioja (Departments) ¦ AR.LR ARPA Code
Arauco AR.LR.AR
Capital AR.LR.CP
Castro Barros AR.LR.CB
Chamical AR.LR.CH
Chilecito AR.LR.CI
Coronel Felipe Varela AR.LR.CF
Famatina AR.LR.FA
General V. Peûaloza AR.LR.GA
General Belgrano AR.LR.GB
General Juan Quiroga AR.LR.GJ
General Lamadrid AR.LR.GL
General Ocampo AR.LR.GO
General San Martín AR.LR.GS
Independencia AR.LR.IN
Rosario Vera Peûaloza AR.LR.RV
San Blas de Sauces AR.LR.SB
Sanagasta AR.LR.SA
Vinchina AR.LR.VI
LU-T ¦ Province of Jujuy (Departments) ¦ AR.JY ARPA Code
Cochinoca AR.JY.CO
Doctor Manuel Belgrano AR.JY.DM
El Carmen AR.JY.EC
Humahuaca AR.JY.HU
Ledesma AR.JY.LE
Palpalá AR.JY.PA
Rinconada AR.JY.RI
San Antonio AR.JY.SA
San Pedro AR.JY.SP
Santa Bárbara AR.JY.SB
Santa Catalina AR.JY.SC
Susques AR.JY.SU
Tilcara AR.JY.TI
Tumbaya AR.JY.TU
Valle Grande AR.JY.VG
LU-U ¦ Province of La Pampa (Departments) ¦ AR.LP ARPA Code
Atreucó AR.LP.AT
Caleu Caleu AR.LP.CC
Capital AR.LP.CP
Catriló AR.LP.CA
Chalileo AR.LP.CH
Chapaleufú AR.LP.CF
Chical Co AR.LP.CO
Conhelo AR.LP.CN
Curacó AR.LP.CU
Guatraché AR.LP.GU
Hucal AR.LP.HU
Lihuel Calel AR.LP.LC
Limay Mahuida AR.LP.LM
Loventué AR.LP.LO
Maracó AR.LP.MA
Puelén AR.LP.PU
Quemú Quemú AR.LP.QQ
Rancul AR.LP.RA
Realicó AR.LP.RE
Trenel AR.LP.TR
Utracán AR.LP.UT
LU-V ¦ Province of Río Negro (Departments) ¦ AR.RN ARPA Code
Adolfo Alsina AR.RN.AA
Avellaneda AR.RN.AV
Bariloche AR.RN.BA
Conesa AR.RN.CO
General Roca AR.RN.GR
Nueve de Julio AR.RN.NJ
Ñorquincó AR.RN.NO
Pichi Mahuida AR.RN.PM
Pilcaniyeu AR.RN.PI
San Antonio AR.RN.SA
Valcheta AR.RN.VA
Veinticinco de Mayo AR.RN.VM
LU-W ¦ Province of Chubut (Departments) ¦ AR.CH ARPA Code
Biedma AR.CH.BI
Cushamen AR.CH.CU
Escalante AR.CH.ES
Florentino Ameghino AR.CH.FA
Futaleufú AR.CH.FU
Gaiman AR.CH.GA
Gastre AR.CH.GS
Languiûeo AR.CH.LA
Mártires AR.CH.MA
Paso de Indios AR.CH.PI
Rawson AR.CH.RA
Río Senguer AR.CH.RS
Sarmiento AR.CH.SA
Tehuelches AR.CH.TE
Telsen AR.CH.TL
LU-XA€¦XO ¦ Province of Santa Cruz (Departments) ¦ AR.SC ARPA Code
Corpen Aike AR.SC.CA
Deseado AR.SC.DE
Güer Aike AR.SC.GA
Lago Argentino AR.SC.LA
Lago Buenos Aires AR.SC.LB
Magallanes AR.SC.MA
Río Chico AR.SC.RC
LU-XP€¦XZ ¦ Province of Tierra del Fuego (Mainland Departments) ¦ AR.TF ARPA Code
Río Grande AR.TF.RG
Ushuaiaexcluding islands AR.TF.US
LU-XP€¦XZ ¦ Province of Tierra del Fuego (Islands) ¦ AR.TF ARPA Code
Archipiélago de Nuevo - Observatorio, Elizalde, Zeballos, Goffré and Gutiérrez Islands AR.TF.AN
Isla de los Estados AR.TF.IE
LU-Y ¦ Province of Neuquén (Departments) ¦ AR.NQ ARPA Code
Aluminé AR.NQ.AL
Aûelo AR.NQ.AN
Catán Lil AR.NQ.CL
Chos Malal AR.NQ.CM
Collón Curá AR.NQ.CC
Confluencia AR.NQ.CO
Huiliches AR.NQ.HU
Lácar AR.NQ.LA
Loncopué AR.NQ.LO
Los Lagos AR.NQ.LL
Minas AR.NQ.MI
Ñorquín AR.NQ.NO
Pehuenches AR.NQ.PE
Picún Leufú AR.NQ.PL
Picunches AR.NQ.PI
Zapala AR.NQ.ZA
LU-Z ¦ Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands (Permanent Bases) ¦ AR.AN ARPA Code
Belgrano II (Bertrab Nunatak, Confín Coast, Coats Land / 77°52€²S and 34°37€²W) AR.AN.B2
Carlini (Potter Cove, King George Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°14€²S and 58°40€²W) AR.AN.CA
Esperanza (Hope Bay, Trinity Peninsula, Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 63°24€²S and 57°00€²W) AR.AN.ES
Marambio (Marambio Island, Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 64°14€²S and 56°37€²W) AR.AN.MA
Orcadas (Laurie Island, South Orkney Islands / 60°44€²S and 44°44€²W) AR.AN.OR
San Martín (Barry Island, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula / 68°08€²S and 67°06€²W) AR.AN.SM
LU-Z ¦ Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands (Seasonal Bases) ¦ AR.AN ARPA Code
Brown (Sanavirón Peninsula along Paradise Harbor, Danco Coast, in Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 64°53€²S and 62°53€²W) AR.AN.BR
Cámara (Menguante Cove, Half Moon Island off the east coast of Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°02€²S and 58°42€²W) AR.AN.CA
Deception (Deception Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°52€²S and 60°43€²W) AR.AN.DE
Matienzo (Larsen Nunatak, one of the Foca Nunataks, in Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 64°58€²S and 60°04€²W) AR.AN.MT
Melchior (Observatorio Island, Melchior Islands, Dallmann Bay, Palmer Archipelago on Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctic Peninsula / 64°20€²S and 62°59€²W) AR.AN.ME
Petrel (Dundee Island, south of Joinville Island, Antarctic Peninsula / 63°28€²S and 56°17€²W) AR.AN.PE
Primavera (Primavera Cape, Cierva Cove, San Martín Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 64°09€²S and 60°57€²W) AR.AN.PR
LU-Z ¦ Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands (Camps, Huts and Other) ¦ AR.AN ARPA Code
Abrazo de (Trinity Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula / 63°20€²45€³S and 57°33€²12€³W) - administered between Chile and Argentina AR.AN.AM
Ballvé (King George Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°12€²36€³S and 58°56€²03€³W) - open as hut AR.AN.BA
Belgrano I (Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea / 77°47€²S and 38°15€²W) - now closed, valid as a portable amateur radio operation point AR.AN.B1
Belgrano III (Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea / 77°54€²02€³S and 45°47€²01€³W) - now closed, valid as a portable amateur radio operation point AR.AN.B3
Ellsworth (Gould Bay, Filchner Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea / 77°45€²S and 41°00€²W) - now closed, valid as a portable amateur radio operation point AR.AN.EL
Gurruchaga (Nelson Island, southwest of King George Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°15€²S and 59°00€²W) - open as hut AR.AN.GU
Livingston (Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands / 62°39€²22€³S and 61°00€²39€³W) - seasonal base camp AR.AN.LI
Sobral (Edith Ronne Land / 81°05€²S and 40°00€²W) - now closed, valid as a portable amateur radio operation point AR.AN.SO
Suecia (Snow Hill Island, Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula / 63°22€²S and 56°59€²W) - designated site and historic monument AR.AN.SU
Portable (Field) Stations - Argentinian portable (field) amateur radio stations working from Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands AR.AN.DX

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